Tips for Google Penalty Recovery from Penguin Updates

Google Penguin is the name of an algorithm which verify your website against Google Webmaster Policies. If your site violates any policies penguin will de-rank your website in Google Search. The result you have less Organic traffic. So if you are a webmaster it’s more better to stay aware about Google webmaster policies before you are into your web business. You must know this fact “Creating a website is a job of 30 minutes but it’s hard to maintain a website”. Penguin updates regularly, to survive with your blog from penguin attack I am sharing some Tips for Google penalty recovery from Penguin update.

SEO is a Trick to display our links in the top search results of Search Engines. As we all know Google is the King of Search Engines. Before showing a link in the top 10 results of Google Search, Google algorithm performs checking to the link & it’s contents thoroughly. For a while think you are the owner of Google. Millions of peoples are searching various information’s using your search engine. What & which link you will show them? There are more then thousand contents are available in internet for a single keyword. Here quality comes. Yes you will show the best quality content to your customers. The similar fashion Google do.

Tips for Google penalty recovery

1. Create unique and useful Contents. Before decide a topic to publish search that topic title in Google. Check how many Competitors are there. Ask your-self can you provide better quality then them. Don’t Copy the Contents. It’s against Google Webmaster Policy. Always give priority to add original Contents to your website. Avoid to use any Content generating tools.

2. Focus on strong On-Page SEO Optimization. Create Robots.txt in your application root folder. Provide XML & HTML sitemaps. For more about On-Page SEO Optimization please visit our Tested On-Page SEO Optimization Tips. Once you publish an article don’t worry for Off-Page SEO Optimization. Search engines are enough smart to catch quality contents. In this way your link will gain visitors. Google hates spam backlinks. Don’t use any tools to create backlinks for your recent release. Just share the link in popular Social Medias & High PR Social Bookmarking sites. To Index your new release faster in Google use Google webmaster “Fetch as Google” tool. Back-links helps to rank high. In this regard many new comers share their links to many spam sites. Avoid this. Prefer to get natural backlinks. If your visitors will like your content they will share automatically.

3. During the planning for a new content target users rather then the Search Engine. Search Engines are made to meet user requirements. Their algorithm knows which content need to show which users.

4. Google wants the Web Faster. As a webmaster in regular interval of time keep checking your Site performance, Page Speed, Loading time & Breaking Links. Avoid errors in your site. Practice to check Google Webmaster tool minimum twice a week.

5. Avoid to use Link schemes, Cloaking, Doorway pages, Scraped content & Adult materials.

6. Optimize your page with proper title & description. Description help to index better in Google.