How Backlinks add value to reliable Practices of SEO Optimization?

In today’s times, Search Engine Optimization plays a significant role in the growth and exposure of websites. There are so many latest techniques of SEO available in the market that most of the SEO companies are using for creating the websites more optimized and get higher ranking in search engines. Among others, building backlinks are one of the popular and reliable practices of SEO. However, how to make backlinks seems very confusing to website owners as well as SEO experts.

Introduction to backlinks

Inbound or incoming links from various other websites peaking to your blogs or websites is known as backlinks. As it is a first way of web navigation, backlinks play an important Practices of SEO. There are 2 different kinds of backlinks, mentioned below:

Do-Follow Links – These are just regular backlinks that search engine crawler’s passes through them. When search engine crawlers come to your website, they creep all your links, images, pages and posts. If the link is a do-follow type, then they switch to another page on which the link is peaking.

No-Follow Links – These types of backlinks are reversed to Do-Follow ones. If there is a presence of No-follow links, then crawler’s just finish right there and disregard the links.

If you want to find out the type of backlinks available on websites, you can right click on the web page and then view the page source and then do ctrl+f. There is a need of attaining high quality backlinks to your websites. What is a quality backlinks; it is a link that comes from high content relevant to your websites, high page rank websites, and links from government, organization and educational websites.

Many internet marketers prefer to buy YouTube shares as a part of their business strategy. They feel that it will fast forward their reach among a wider audience and in turn make the business successful.

How to Create backlinks the Appropriate Way?

Google updates the ranking algorithms in these days. You need to create backlinks according to latest algorithms of Google so that your websites cannot get penalized in search engines and attain higher rankings. You need to make backlinks in a natural method. From the context, it means that if your blogs or websites contain the stuff of high quality in them, then individuals will relate back to you in an automatic manner. There are some doings and Don’ts that you need to consider while creating backlinks to your websites, mentioned below:


You can submit your websites to local search engines and directories. It is best advised to submit them to Dmoz.

You need to get your websites social bookmarking.

You can send press releases.

You can link from social media networking profiles such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many others.

You can create backlinks from article, forum and many other directories.

You can take help from the blog commenting aspect from associated websites.


There are some things that you never perform for producing backlinks to your websites. One of the main thing that you do not need to perform is that never participate in link farms and link exchange programs in which your website has chances to get penalized and banned by numerous search engines.

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