JavaScript Function to Convert Array to JSON

JSON is a lightweight data exchange platform when Array is used to store small chunk of data during development. Sometimes during development we required to convert an array to formatted JSON. Let’s talk about a single dimension array. In the below example I am converting a single dimension Array to formatted JSON.

In the below demo app I have an array tempArray which contains 5 elements. To convert this array into formatted JSON I created a function ArrayToJSON(). Which accepts array as a parameter. In side the function I have a string variable json. Which holds the initial value as JSON attribute as json = ‘{“attrs”:[‘;. After this I am running a for loop which doing string concatenation for id & value pair to my json string variable. Finally using json += ‘]}’; I am ending the JSON string.

Convert Array to JSON

/* Array Declaration */
var tempArray = [10, 12, 14, 16, 18];

/* Function to Convert an Array into formatted JSON */
function ArrayToJSON(array) {

var json = null;

/* Adding attributes to beginning JSON String */
json = '{"attrs":[';

/* Using String Concatenation building JSON key value pairs */
for (var i=0; i<array.length; i++) {
json += '{"' + 'id' + '":"' + array[i] + '"},';

/* Removing the last Comma from JSON string */
json = json.substring(0, json.length-1);

/* Closing JSON String */
json += ']}';

/* Returning the formatted JSON */
return json;

var res = ArrayToJSON(tempArray);

/* Output JSON */
/* {“attrs”:[{“id”:”10″},{“id”:”12″},{“id”:”14″},{“id”:”16″},{“id”:”18″}]} */