Tricks for free Internet traffic for your Site without depending on Google

Tricks for free Internet traffic for your Site without depending on Google

Are you a Webmaster? Worried about you are not getting traffic from Google. Relax. Today there are several ways to get traffic without depending on Google. Think for a while, what Google do? Itself Google is not sailing contents in web. Google is a popular search engine which only redirect users to appropriate links. Today with this growing edge of internet uses made internet rich with several systems. Where millions of visitors rotating day & night. Let’s grab internet traffic from there.

Take participate in Social Media Programs

To get traffic in internet it’s required to grow your network. In this matter social media’s are very helpful. Create your business page in popular Social networking sites. Share your links there with attractive images. Ask your friends & colleagues to join your network. During social media marketing read others & share your links to similar contents. Create & join groups.

Today if you will search Social Networking sites in Google you will get not less than hundred of sites. But always prefer to save time while marketing. In your first phase go for popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & Pinterest. Create your profile there. Add your domain link & description. Follow your friends & relatives.

Advertise your On-line Business

We all know Advertising is a key to Business Success. There are two types of Advertising On-line & Off-line. Depending upon your business prefer the type of advertising you required. Here in this point I can suggest if you are a beginner to On-line business prefer On-line advertising like banner ads, link building, link sharing etc. Take advantages of Facebook Ads & Google Adwords. If you are established well use off-line advertising. Keep remember in general case off-line advertising is more costly then on-line advertising.

About off-line advertising you can choose print & elector medias. Look at in the beginning they did on-line advertising. Now when they are well established they are doing TV ads. The similar example you can take for Bharat Matrimony or

Do-Follow Others

Nearly all popular Social Networking & Bookmarking sites provides Do-Follow facility. In a regular basis do-follow others. Let’s talk about Twitter. If your business is related to Kids. Follow Kids lovers. I mean follow them who are interested on Kids. In this way you will get more followers for your business. Do-Follow is not a single day job. Many popular sites limited there do-follow options to certain numbers of members per day. Practice to Do-Follow others 60 minutes everyday.

Purchase Quality Internet Traffic

Today getting traffic is not a big job. In 10 dollars even you can get more then thousand visitors. But always give priority to purchase quality traffic. This helps to improve rank in search engines. Low quality traffic is harmful. If you are using Google Adsense program, avoid low quality traffic. Before purchasing traffic set a budget for your business ads.

Present attractive contents which user will like to Share

It’s true Content is the pillar of information technology. Provide your visitors quality & genuine contents. While creating a content keep focus on visitors rather then search engines. Do realize your-self is user will like to share your content. This is the trick which can make your business growth faster.

Do Blog Commenting

To increase traffic blog commenting helps a lot. If you are looking for instant traffic search the similar contents in web. Check is they provides commenting feature. If so, add your comment with them & share your link. This process helps to get traffic as well as provides backlink. To learn the trick how to comment a blog.

Share your links in popular Forums

Forums are the place where you can locate various threads. Search related threads for your business & join them with your view. Link sharing in forums brings brilliant traffic. Including sharing in forums thread create your own topic for discussion. Ask other forum members to share there views & comments. Follow them read there topics & suggest them solutions.

Using the above tricks you can get more than thousands visits a day. Keep bringing traffic to your website. You will observe soon the day will come when Google will join you to grow.