What are Do-Follow Backlinks and the benefits of using Them?

When you have a website obtaining more traffic there is not as difficult. The only thing that would make it possible is having quality backlinks attached to your website. These links are what make websites appear more on Google Page. Here are an end number of ways, how backlinks are used by people in order to make their sites be more visible on the web pages.

But do you know there are different types of backlinks that are used by people, abd these are ‘DoFollow links’ and ‘NoFollow links’. These are the two types of backlinks as per the best SEO Tools.

Both types of links play a significant part in SEO marketing, but today we are going to focus mainly on “DoFollow Links”.

Do-Follow Links

The term Do-Follow backlinks were introduced by Google in the year 2005. It is used to decrease the spam index of the search and alongside improve the results of the search engine. By default, however, all the links are Do-Follow, until and unless they get modified into No-Follow links by manual process or get changed automatically through a website setting.

Do-Follow backlinks have another function that it allows search engines to follow them and reach their desired website. It passes by ‘link juice’ and ‘backlinks’. This type of link helped you to get a higher rank in the search engine. They share a domain authority with SEO so as to connect with sites that will deliver link juice to your site.

Do-Follow links impact directly on the Google algorithm search ranking. Where the links are judged based on their quality, unlike that of No-Follow links.

If you want to know whether your link is a Do-Follow or No-Follow link, there is a simple thing you can do to check the HTML code.

For doing this right click on the said link in the browser and then select “inspect”. This would bring all the HTML codes associated with that link. Then here if you see a rel=NoFollow then your link is a No-Follow link or else it is a Do-Follow link.

What are the Benefits of DoFollow Links?

Do-Follow links have a lot of benefits with it and help the Site Rack Up The Backlinks. Hence, do follows have a lot of benefits.

  • They attract more visitors to your website
  • You are able to get more comments on your blogs through it.
  • It helps to make your website more popular
  • This increases your page preview
  • Enhance the rank of your content for multiple keywords.
  • Improves blog authority
  • Positive impact on the Algorithm of Google search engine
  • Encourage others to link your blogs with theirs, in tell allows backlinks.
  • Promotes good relationship with brands
  • Boosts activity on your website through commenting.

But with all the positives there are negatives as well about Do-Follow backlinks.

When your website has Do-Follow links, there is a high chance that you might be getting a lot of spam comments. You could be fishing through each and every comment separately.

Juice links are all distributed in all-out bond links. This is how your Google authority keeps on losing.

No-Follow Links

NoFollow backlinks are the backlinks that don’t pass the authority on the website that it is linking to. These are the links that do not help in SEO. It is a Critical Off-Page SEO Mistakes.

In order to make a link No-Follow, you just need to add, rel=”NoFollow” on the code when you are linking it to the website.

Are No-Follow links bad?

No, it is a common misconception that NoFollow links are bad, acquiring them is not bad. Though they don’t help in SEO benefits, they help in generating traction and traffic on the website.

NoFollow links tend to diversify your backlink. Both distribution of Do-Follow and No-Follow backlinks are there in natural backlinks.

DoFollow vs NoFollow Links

The main difference between a Do-Follow backlink and a No-Follow backlink is that a Do-Follow backlink passes Page rank which the No-Follow backlink does not. Google algorithm treats both of the backlinks differently than each other.

From a technical standpoint of things, the only difference is that a No-Follow backlink has a small tag attached to its code. The NoFollow backlink has the “rel=NoFollow”. This is the tag that lets web crawlers know that this link will not affect the PageRank score of a site.

Though both the backlinks interact in a similar fashion, it is Google that sees them differently based on the tags they have on their code. Though Do-Follow backlinks are considered to be more valuable than No-Follow backlinks.


To conclude, I would like to add that, to improve your Google rank you must have a good number of quality backlinks attached to it. For your website to appear on the first page of the search engine result page of Google, you need to have a number of quality Do-Follow links on the website.

Attaching Do-Follow links on your website depends upon you, whether you want to make your blog popular and make it appear on the first page of the search engine result page or not.

You have to be selective while using Do-Follow backlinks, depending on your long-term and short-term goal. And before making any decision keep in mind both the pros and cons of Do-Follow links., this will help you in making a well informed decision about what is best for your website.