Why does Every Hotel want to Rank First on Google?

In these changing times, a lot of things have revolutionized their traditional course of trade. One of the most significant examples of revolution is how the hospitality industry is being carried out. Gone are the days when companies were subjected to a couple of states or cities.

Even a small hotel wants to gain global visibility, and the Internet is the best way to connect globally. This is the reason that digital marketing for hotels is now more than a necessity. This would have been a distant dream back in the time, but now it is possible due to the invention and development of the Internet.

So, Why Does Every Hotel want To Rank First on Google?

Now, coming to the day’s question, every business focuses so much on SEO and ranks higher on Google and other search engines. If you rank in the first position on google for a relevant search query, chances are you will get a paying customer. It is because your hotel is not searching for a customer, the customer is searching for hotels, and they found you.

This gives them leverage in terms of having a top-of-mind recall when someone searches for a hotel. How do you come to the top of the search result? It is achieved through a process called Seach Engine Optimization, commonly known as SEO.

But let’s discuss what SEO is?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In easy words, it’s a technique that involves using a set of keywords matching the searches by the audience. A good SEO-optimized product or SEO-friendly content is ranked higher on Google and its competitive search engines.

Since Hotels are local businesses, SEO for hotels is very important to stay relevant over the competition. SEO gives direct benefits to hotels. They are:

1. Develops Brand Awarness

If your site ranks higher on Google and people land on your website, the chances are that your site gains a credible viewpoint amount the visitors as most of the well-established hotels are the ones who proclaim the top rankings on searches. This ranking higher gives the people a sense of belief and defines your hotel better than the others in lower-order sites.

2. Higher Traffic

How many times have you searched for anything on Google? Now, try to remember how many websites you go through while in a quest to learn about anything? Commonly a person only visits the top 10 sites ranking on the particular search and doesn’t bother about the 2nd, 3rd, and other pages available on the Internet.

In fact, more than 67% of clicks come to just the top three results. This gives your site higher visibility as compared to the ones lying lower to your website. High traffic means that you are gaining many eyeballs from people who haven’t even visited you. You can make website visitors as paying customers by making smart landing pages and focusing on customer service.

3. Higher Conversion

Most of the hotels are now into producing digital experiences for their customers. They give them glimpses of what the experience of their hospitality will look like. Having a digital experience through videos, photos, or social media is a great way to enhance your reach and share knowledge with your customers.

Search engines like Google are now focusing on user experience as a ranking factor. This will improve your rankings and increase conversions as potential customers love this experience.

Ranking in the first position can be a tough nut to crack for any hotel. So, if your hotel website ranks at number one, then chances are that your rooms and other services will sell at a higher pace. So, try to focus on other activities like email marketing, social media, and review management on trip adviser platforms.