SEO tips to follow before Submit URL to Google for Index

SEO tips to follow before Submit URL to Google for Index

Internet is the treasury of Information. Selling information in this media is a very good Business. This is the cause many professional bloggers are working hard to make them popular. Competition is too high. Still every Blogger wants to utilize his/her time more towards productivity. Here I mean to say when you are writing a new blog post you always want to index that in the top search result of Google. “How to achieve this?” is a question which comes nearly to all new comers in the world of Blogging. Let us discuss few SEO tips to follow before Submit URL to Google for Index.

Search any topic in internet, I am sure you will get several posts on this. Still every hour bloggers are publishing new posts. Are you one among them? If so, let me share you how to choose a topic before going to generate a content. Creating a genuine content is a time consuming job. Know the trick before you publish a new blog, this knowledge will help you to utilize your time & labor in correct direction.

Choose Business Oriented Keywords

During you visit several pages in internet look at the Ads Google provides. Keep them in track. Observe in which area sponsors are more. This activity help to choose more profitable keywords. Remember while a user will read your content if the Ads are content specific, then there can be more chance the user will hit on the Ads. At the same end analyze the competition rate for the keyword you listed.

For an example if you plan to write a post for some tutorial in place of tutorial give priority to use guide. Compare to tutorial guide is having less competition. Choosing business oriented keywords is one of the most trickiest job in content business. So, during this phase keep notice your keyword not need to so far from users search strings & even not in the jungle of competitors.

How to decide your blog post Title?

Once you selected the keyword next phase is to decide title for your content. According to any Search engine there is a key relationship between your content title & user search string. As the first priority Google will show your post depending upon the title. If title is suitable then only the search algorithm will go further to check keyword density or quality of your contents. In this matter I can say choosing correct blog title is the primary trick which helps to index your blog post in top results.

While choosing a Title choose larger to reduce the rate of competition. For an example if you want to write a topic “How to be a professional Blogger?” you can replace this title with “Tricks & Ideas to be a successful professional Blogger.”. Observe in this case compare to “How to” keyword “Tricks & Ideas” are less competitors. One more thing you must noticed here I added one more keyword “successful” compare to my previous title. It’s because of more valuable keywords in title string gives more weight to the post for better indexing.

One more thing I want to share with you from my experience that while choosing a title for your next blog post, think the title first & then did search that title in Google. Look how many records you are getting with the same combination of your title keywords. If it is more then 10 change your title with different keyword by keeping the similar meaning.

Relationship between the Title & Contents

Keyword selection, Title making & Content writing all are the nodes of a single thread. To be a successful blogger we need to honor this sequencing. So refer to above now we have a keyword & a suitable title for this. Remaining is content. Here quality comes. While writing a content don’t ever ignore title. Do apply your writing skill to repeat title keywords in your content. Be original & maintain your content length minimum 500 words. It is much better if your content length is more then 500 words.

Follow the above tricks & write your new blog post. At the end submit the link to Google Webmaster (Fetch Google). Leave for 10 minutes & check the title in Google. I know you will get happy to watch your new blog in the top 10 results of Google. In internet information is equivalent to ocean. Compare to competitors visitors are increasing every moment. In this rush to earn better you need correct keywords, better titles & original quality contents.