Google Recovery Penalty removal Tricks for Bloggers

To have a successful website you required organic traffic. Among many search engines Google is the king. In real-time nearly above 90% visitors came from Google Search only. Internet is an open space for information’s. Here to prevent fraud activities Google is so strict with there search results. In web business fraud activities like bad SEO practices or Duplicate Contents can make your property penalized by Google. Once your website is penalized by Google you will lose organic search. Red card in Google directly affect your business. Know Google recovery penalty removal tricks to save your business from loss.

Is Google penalized your blog?

Let you have a website related to “How to manual”. Assume the domain name is Search the only name of website in Google. I mean “wikihow”. If you found your domain name listed in the top result. You are in safe zone. Else your website is penalized by Google.

What to do after Google penalty?

Once you found your site is penalized by Google. Don’t think to reconstruct the whole website with a new domain name. You can recover from penalty box. It may take time but it is more effective way to fix the errors. Let you think you have a large website. In this case fixation is better then reconstruction.

Why Google penalty a blog & How to fix this?

Generally due to bad SEO practice, Duplicate contents, Spam Links or Fastest link building allow Google to penalize your website. If your website is already penalized by Google try to look at the following points.

Always build links with Authorized sites with high PR. If you unknowingly created links from spammy sites. Remove them. Don’t share your links with link farms. Avoid to build link with low quality content sites. If one website is penalized in Google avoid link building with them. Prevent link building with adult sites. If you have spam links coming to your site. Try find them out. If these links are by you remove them. Or else if it is by some third party contact them to remove your links from there page. If they are not responding you, you can raise legal notice with the help of a lawyer.

Signup in Google webmaster tool. Using this you can know bad links to your website. Remove them.

Building too many links too fast can penalize your website. When you are creating backlinks careful about this. Google wants genuine & natural links to your site. On 25th if you have 200 visitors & you created 250 links Google will detect this activity as spam.

Avoid copy right contents. Google is so smart to track each line of your contents. By copying other website contents you can have red card in Google ranking. In your website if you have copied contents try to remove this asap. Or else block those links from Google indexing using your robots.txt file.

Google hates user generated contents. If you have access for global visitors to share there contents in your website. Check their content quality before publishing under your domain. Don’t allow them to directly publish in your domain. It can show red card for your domain in Google.

With the above tricks you can protect your property from the penalty. Comments are Welcome. Share if you have any more updates on the same.