What is the difference between Google Index and Crawl?

What is the difference between Google Index and Crawl?

Crawling a link in Google is the job of 2 minutes, while indexing takes time. In the early phase many webmasters get confused behind the concept of Google index and Crawl. After Crawled the link, when it appears in Google Search generally newcomers thought that the link is indexed. But the story is different. Once we Crawled the link it takes minimum 2 to 3 weeks time to indexed in Google. Indexing depends upon link popularity. Depending upon the number of links indexed in Google ROI varies.

What is Google Crawl?

Once you publish a link you can Crawl that link in Google using Google Webmaster tools. After you do “Fetch Google” it takes maximum 5 minutes to Crawl that link in Google. To check whether your link Crawled or not, you can copy the link and do search that in Google. If your link get listed then it is Crawled successfully.

To check how many pages are Crawled in Google you can use “site:Your Domain Name.com”. For an example to know how many pages Crawled in JHARAPHULA you can search “site:jharaphula.com”. Look at the screen shot below.


Here Google Crawled 849 links from the site JHARAPHULA. You can the same trick to know how many pages are Crawled under your domain.

How Crawl differ from Index?

Crawling a link in Google is in the hand of Webmaster. But indexing a link only Google do. There are several powerful algorithms those checks your link to know it’s popularity, number of backlinks, on-page optimization or domain age. Depending upon nearly 200 factors Google presents your link in Search results.


Look at the above screen shot here Google indexed 13200 links under “jharaphula.com”. If you want to know how many pages indexed from your domain search the only domain name .com in Google.

Depending upon the number of indexed links Google decides the rank. More pages indexed means you will get more leads for your business. There are many policies Google follows to keep your site indexed. Wrong SEO practice DE-ranks in Google. Take the above example here I have 13200 pages indexed in Google. If a day it will go down then it means Google DE-rank my domain. Generally this happens due to policy violation. If your site fulfilling all the policies then number of indexed link will grow day by day. This is because of the link sharing. Link building to improve ranking Google hates. Always try to get natural link shared by the reader. Getting natural link is not so easy. To get natural link first you need to provide quality and useful contents.

For Google index how much time required?

Once you Crawl the page it takes 2 to 3 weeks to index. Once the link is indexed google sends traffic depending upon the keywords. Meta keyword give better results after index.