How to Get Top of Google without Paying a Single Penny?

The world of paid and organic search has seen a large number of significant changes since its introduction. Google is like the magical beanstalk where everyone at the top gets the most number of clicks. Earlier, it was enough if you used the correct keywords, had a clear and good structure with authoritative backlinks. While it is still relevant in today’s SEO tips, you also have to take these 5 new factors into consideration.

1. RankBrain

According to Google, RankBrain is one of the top three ranking factors due to its enormous contribution. RankBrain is an AI system in which Google has integrated machine-learning. When there are unique or ambiguous questions that haven’t been asked by anyone before, Google will use RankBrain. There are over 3.5 billion searches on Google every day, out of which 15% is brand new. For Google to keep up with the increasingly colossal demand, it uses machine learning. Think about questions that are unique to your niche and create content that can answer them.

2. Near me queries

Google believes there are vital touch points in the journey of customers that when put together determine how their journeys will end. What Google is trying to say is that because mobile is important elements in local search, you should optimize for smartphones. Mobile users aren’t loyal to any brands and extremely active. As a result of this, there is a lot to gain from tapping into mobile users. Mobile users want information immediately and buy products and services swiftly. Ensure your website’s mobile compatibility is frictionless and fast.

3. Local presence

Just as you optimize for local search queries, you also have to take care of local search engine optimization (SEO). For local presence, you have to optimize your page on Google My Business. You have to select the right categories, add a lot of images, update regularly, have a unique and long description about your business, and provide address and phone number for your business. Also, ensure all the reviews written by your customers are visible.

4. Voice search and natural language

According to Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends report, since 2008, the number of voice search queries have grown by 35x. Users prefer to use their voice to search for queries as it is four times faster than typing. Some people find it uncomfortable to type on certain smartphones. The vast majority of people don’t like using menus that look confusing. You should also optimize for natural language as users use it for voice search queries. Queries that users type usually have dominant keywords, unlike voice search.

5. Answering questions

When you ask direct questions to Google, the search engine will display the most accurate answer in a box, just below the search bar. When Google has to search for answers to direct questions, the search giant will go through third-party websites. Initially, Wikipedia was the most dominant source of information for these boxes. However, Google found out that more reliable and trustworthy information comes from other websites.

Use these tips to get to the top of Google!


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