Benefits of NoFollow Backlinks for your Website in 2021-22

To make a website visible in search engine result pages, the website owners are always obsessed with the Dofollow links. They always want Dofollow links pointing back to their sites and ignore the importance of Nofollow links in brand building. So, here I will share some decent benefits of these NoFollow Backlinks to create a powerful SEO link building portfolio.

What is a Link?

A link is a reference from one website that is pointing back to another website. These links serve as strings that are followed by search engine robots to find useful content on the web. There are two types of links: Dofollow and Nofollow.

What are Nofollow and Dofollow Links?

Dofollow links – These links are followed by search engine bots. It means, when a Dofollow link is found by search engine bot, it will be clicked to pass the linkjuice in order to improve the ranking of the target web page.

Nofollow links – These types of links are exactly opposite of Dofollow links. Which means, when a Nofollow link is discovered by search engine robot, it will not pass any linkjuice to the reference web page.

Since these links are not used to pass linkjuice, people have started ignoring them, and they focus only on the Dofollow ones. But there are huge benefits of Nofollow links for all types of websites. Let’s dive into our main topic.

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6 huge benefits of Nofollow links

1. Gain Real Website Visitor

The main goal of creating a website is always to generate business or income. Isn’t it? Is that possible without real visitors? Simply, the answer to this question is a straight NO, because there is no business or income without the real visitors. This is the point where Nofollow links come handy to gain real traffic for the website that can convert into a lead and then to the customer.

Just think about gaining a Nofollow link from a popular website like Wikipedia. Thousands to Millions of people use this site and just imagine if they click on your website. It is surely going to boost your traffic!!

2. Increase brand credibility and awareness

If you want to increase credibility and brand your website then building Nofollow links on high-quality sites is the best approach. By getting the Nofollow link will help you generate quality traffic from trustworthy sites. You tend to gain a huge number of new visitors that can become your customers and your brand awareness will have a boost as a lot of new people will know about your website existence.

3. Help you create a natural link building portfolio

Nofollow links help you build a natural link building portfolio that might keep your website safe in a long run. For any SEO campaign, it is important to balance between both types of links as it is the safest approach to gain high rankings. The websites that only build Dofollow links are always suspicious to Google and that’s one of the reasons of Google penalty. So it is necessary to have a mixture of Nofollow and Dofollow links.

4. Increase Google’s Trust Flow

As long as you follow a proper link building approach (build both types of links) you can manage to increase high trust flow of Google. If Google trusts your website then it is ultimately going to increase website ranking.

5. Improved Domain Authority

A good portfolio of Nofollow links from high-quality sites can help you improve the DA as well as other important matrices (such as Page Authority and Alexa rank) because the websites like Moz and Alexa consider your link portfolio to measure these important factors.

6. Nofollow links can help you generate Dofollow Links

This is true that certain NoFollow Backlinks can help you gain a lot of quality Dofollow backlinks. Just look at the scenario that you shared a good quality article on LinkedIn but have a Dofollow link to your website. But, if someone is influenced by your article’s content and shares it on his own website with a Dofollow point back to your website, you will certainly have a Dofollow link!

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So, now you know how much importance the NoFollow Backlinks have for any website, so you should start creating them as soon as possible. But keep in mind, you shouldn’t create backlinks randomly, search for the websites related to your niche as you would like to have only targeted audience on your website otherwise you will end up wasting your time creating unnecessary backlinks. Also, these unnecessary links will attract people that are not interested in your content; they will come and go without spending any time on your website which will lead into increased bounce rate. So just do the things that make sense.