Why I will Choose Link Insertion in place of fresh Guest Posting with link?

Off-Page SEO activities includes Social Media Marketing, Forums Posting, Profile Creation, Email Marketing or Guest Posting. More valuable links pointing to your blog means your blog is popular for Search engines. To build links from others Website generally we do Paid or Free Guest Posting. Sometime depending upon the publisher and deal we purchase link from existing Google indexed articles. Links are 2 types. Do-follow and No-follow. Do-follow link helps in ranking. No-follow links are useful to boost referral traffic. During link building whether you go for a article marketing or link insertion make sure you decided which type of link you are going place in your article.

rel=”nofollow” is the HTML tag using which you can make a link to No-follow. By declaring this tag with your link Google or other Search engines will ignore this link while indexing the page. By default, a link is Do-follow.

Difference between Guest Posting and Link Insertion

Guest Posting is a way to publish Articles in other blog as a Guest or Author. For Guest Posting you need an well SEO optimized Article.

Link building is a process to place your link in others blog or article. Its less time consuming then fresh Guest Posting. You don’t need to write a Article.

Things to Check after Guest Posting or Link insertion

For SEO friendly backlinks whether you do Guest Posting or Link insertion check the following.

  • Is your Content placed properly?
  • What is the Link type pointing to your domain?
  • Is the link followed by a right keyword?
  • From the page or url you are buying link is having meta tag with No-follow attribute?
  • The page pointing to your business link is with low out-bound link density?

Before placing a link insertion Order choose the right keyword and url. Then in which blog you need to place your link Search that blog for the related articles to your keywords. In case of you got the article place your link there or else search nearest possible keywords. In case you decided for Bulk link insertion stop for a while. Do link insertion with limitation. Your link insertion Strategy need to looks like natural or else your blog many penalize by Google.

Similarly when placing an order for Guest Posting Create a well SEO optimized article. Lengthy articles gives better result in search. So don’t stop your self to 500 or 600 words articles. Explain well the subject make your article more then 1000 words at a min. Followed by SEO add title and sub-titles to your article. Finally add your business link and publish.

Benefits of Link insertion with existing Google indexed articles

In high authority sites even if you did a Guest Posting it takes time to index in Search engines. Rather if some existing article is in that blog which is already indexed in Search engines that can bring instant results. Sometime link insertion is more stable link building Strategy then Guest Posting. That is because of user Content, while Guest Posting is your Content. A blogger definitely give more priority to his or her own Contents rather then Guest Articles.

I observed Compare to fresh Guest Posting many blogger charge less for link insertion.