How to Start a WordPress blog with Hostgator & Godaddy?

Are you interested to start your blog? If so let you know how to start with a commercial website. Before going to start a professional website to earn first you have to choose a correct business name. I mean the domain name ( Domain name selection is a very critical job today. Plenty of keywords are already registered. Do research to find out a suitable domain name for your business. There are various on-line tools are available to search a domain name but for professional approach better to use Godaddy to purchase or find out your required domain name. They are specialized & branded. For initial earning, if you are a new comer to e-business do start a WordPress blog. Keep a note Google Adsense provides ads for only content based sites. In this present market with-out Adsense I don’t think you can have a successful e-business.

Decide a good Hosting Agency

Once you finalize & reserved the domain, you need server space to host your site. From my personal experience I can suggest you hostgator to host your site. At the initial stage purchase a hatching plan from hostGator. It has unlimited bandwidth & Unlimited storage. They have smart customer care & very less down time. Now for your content based site you need an app. Download WordPress latest version ( Unzip the downloaded zip file. Using FTP client upload the unzipped WordPress file to your public_html folder. This folder is known as root folder.

Domain Panel

Now login to your domain control panel. Update the nameserver for your domain. Nameserver details you can find from the sales mail of hostgator. Nameserver changes will reflect on your domain at max with-in 24 to 48 hrs. After domain nameserver direct correctly, you have to configure wordpress blog. Before to this create a database for your wordpress site. Add a database user with admin privilege. These information you need to configure wordpress site.

WordPress CMS Setup

Start configure WordPress site on your domain. Give the asked details by WordPress setup wizard. Like database name, user name & password to connect the database. Then provide basic information about you site. Finally you do get installed WordPress site. Login to your admin account. It will redirect to Admin dashboard. Here you can add pages, post contents & can customize the site. In step one to Start writing content based articles. Go to add new post. Start writing. Once you complete the article click on publish. It will make your article live on your domain. You can view the article after publish using view link.


Now you have to do SEO works for your published article. Submit this new link to search engines. Share it in your social networking portals like Facebook or Twitter. With in 2 to 3 days search engines will detect your link. To index faster you can also use Google Webmaster “Fetch as Google” tool.

Apply for Google Adsense program

To earn from your site, apply Google Adsense program. Create a Gmail id. Go to Google Adsense program. Fill the form with required details & apply. It will take 3 to 4 working days to get approval from Adsense Team. Once you have approval, Create ad units like Leader-board, Wide Sky, Medium Rectangle or Large Rectangle. Start using these ads for your site. If you do correct on-page SEO & you can have thousand visitors a day, be sure your site is a profitable asset for you. For article based sites you can refer the internal Link Building strategies of Wikipedia. it will give you more page-view & good earning.

Tricks to earn from Adsense

Placing Google ads for your pages is required experience. Do consult with some good SEO farm about your page design & placement of ads. Use commercial ads in such a way that visitors will click on your ads. Avoid black hat SEO tricks. Google hate this. Using black hat SEO tricks your site can penalized by Google. To run a successful e-business first let you read the Google Webmaster Policies. Follow them in your website.

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