Off Page Optimization Activities those Affects Indexing in Google

As you know Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is divided into 2 types On-page & Off page Optimization. On-page Optimization are nothing but the changes we do in our web pages to make them Search engine friendly. Example of few On-page SEO techniques are Meta tag Optimization, Title tag Optimization, Image Optimization or Keyword Optimization. While Off page Optimization Technique includes Social media marketing (SMM), Profile Creation, Link building, Forum posting, Blog Commenting or Email Marketing. For better ranking or indexing both these SEO types plays important role. Generally after successful On-page Optimization we do Off page Optimization. In this session let us discuss briefly about “Off page Optimization activities those affects indexing in Google”.

All we know Google is the king of search engines. Compare to other search engines only Google brings more than 80% visitors. To drive visitors from Google the only thing you required is to stay indexed in Google. Depending upon the number of pages indexed in Google ROI varies.

To stay indexed in Google is not so easy as you are thinking. Google is very strict about their guidelines. In case your property is breaking any of their guidelines immediately Google starts DE-indexing. De-indexing in Google reduces organic visitors and rate of returns. As a wise webmaster it’s always good to keep your sites indexed in Google.

In the early age of a website Set Up generally we do many Off-page SEO activities to spread our Network. Few of them are Blog Commenting, Link Building or Social Media Marketing. If you noticed you must aware of the time we do manual link building Google do start DE-indexing the site immediately. Keep remember Google hates manual link building. If the link is shared by a third party user than Google loves it and improves ranking. Normally in the initial days of a website user share your links very less. In this case you required to keep patience.

If your website is a new one and you decided to gain popularity create social media profiles in popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. Unless until your Social media profiles are packed with several interesting posts keep posting links from your website. Here to have a better user experience I can suggest rather than sharing only links include images or videos with your posts. This practice helps to attract more visitors. During those day you are working to configure your social media profiles share some time to create profiles from high authority profile creation sites. Take time to sign up with popular forums. Before sharing a discussion in public forum update your signature with your brand name and URL. Coming to email marketing generally email marketing not harms in Google indexing. One more thing I want to discus before end this paragraph, while doing blog commenting to avoid DE-indexing in Google use VPN or Private proxies. This keeps your IP hide from Google. Which helps reduce rate of DE-indexing.

Finally, to achieve success in web you required planning and patience. Assume that your website was released on 10th Jan. Then plan the duration when you can able to complete on-page SEO changes. For an example if you can complete on-page SEO in 10th Feb then from 10th Feb go for Off page Optimization. After a certain duration when you feel your website is Optimized to a Certain extend. Stop Off-page SEO. The time you Stopped Off page Optimization generally Google take 3 months to index your property. Stay cool and wait for the awesome results.