How backlinks affects website Ranking and Page rank?

Million contents has no meaning unless until these are ranked in Google. Better ranking means more visitors & better earning. Every webmaster wants to watch his/her records in the top 10 rank of Google. That’s why competition is too high. So what are the trick using which we can achieve better website ranking or page rank in Google. Is backlinks are helpful? Like plenty of questions we ask our-self in the beginning days of blogging.

Depending upon the Keywords competition varies. You must know compare to one keyword two keywords is having less competition. I mean to say while the keyword “Business” is having rate of competition 9/10 “Business Today” is 6/10. So depending upon the number of keywords competition varies. String with less word count passes through more competition compare to string with more word count. Similarly depending upon the word count of keywords rate of visitors varies. While single keyword getting 1000 unique customers it may double word keyword will get 600 visitors.

Before we will go to discuss the power of backlinks let us first discuss what is the difference between indexing & ranking. While you create a URL (an article) under your domain, the link is unaware by search engines. To make search engines to know about the new URL what we do is we do submit that link to search engines. Then after in Google if you are searching that URL & getting respective record it means now your new link is indexed in Google. So in simple words indexing means “Your URL need to show by Search engines”. Now let us discuss about ranking. Website Ranking is nothing but the position your link is in in search engines among competitors links. Here I mean to say let us you wrote an article about “How to protect you from HIV?”. Many other authors are there who already wrote similar keywords based topics before. So after indexing when you search the string “How to protect you from HIV?” in Google you are getting your record in top 8th position of Google. This is ranking. Here your topic is ranked in 8th position.

All visitors are busy. Large number of visitors has no time to visit 2nd page results of Google. So its a dream for webmasters to index there pages among top 10 results of Google. Generally when we go to competition some time our record get ranking in 60 or 100 rank of Google search results. In this case backlinks help to bring rank better. Let us assume we have a topic “How to get a personal loan with low cibil score?”. After quality contents & optimized word count finally the topic is ranked in the 30th position of Google. You want to bring this into top 10 results of Google. In this case we can go for backlinks.

From my experience its true backlinks helps to get better website ranking in Google. While purchasing backlinks for your link to improve indexing keep remember 1000 low PR back links are less effective then 10 high PR backlinks. Rather purchasing 100 PR 1 backlinks it is better to go for 10 PR 5 backlinks. Never purchase bulk backlinks in a single point of time. Make a habit to purchase backlinks regularly in a daily basis. If your unique visitor count is 600 per day then it was advisable to purchase 5% (30) backlinks per day. According to latest Google updates if you are purchasing 1000 backlinks a day you site will get penalize for next 6 months. So use the power of backlinks safely.