Content Writing Tips to Develop SEO friendly Contents

Are you a blog Owner? In daily basis generating Contents for your Blog. Keep remember to establish a Successful blog Quality Contents are mandatory. Before jump into the next paragraph let me ask you “What do you mean by Quality Contents?”. There are many factors we need to take care while generating SEO friendly Contents. Let us discuss those Content writing tips one by one in below.

Content Length

As per the standard guidelines 500 words is the minimum Content length. But looking into the growing Competition it is much better if your Content length is more then 750 words. Search engines loves Original & lengthy Contents. Lengthy content means better ranking in Search engines. Looking into the Keyword you Choose you have to plan Content Length. For an example if the keyword is having less Competition you can go for a 500 words or else if your Keyword is heavy then its wise to go for 750 to 1000 words or more.

Always use Original Contents

To take Shortcut generally newcomers Copy Contents from other Blogs. Today Search engines are enough smart. What every the activity you do with your blog search engine algorithms are so quicker to track the changes. If you are using Copied contents search engine will index you only after the original source. So always make practice to generate contents with you own words.

Maintain Keyword Density

Keyword density is nothing but the repetition of keywords in your Contents. During Search engine index a page they consider keyword density as an important factor. Lets discuss about an article “Skin Care Tips for Kids”. Here keywords are “Skin Care Tips“, “Skin Care Tips for Kids” & “Tips for Kids”. Don’t ever overload Keyword density. Repeat max to max 3 to 4 times Only.

Use Sub-heading & Bold letters

From my SEO research it was observed Keywords in sub-headings (using H3 or H4 tags) generates better ranking. Compare to Keywords in paragraphs, Keywords in Sub-heading are more effective for SEO. While writing a content its wise to divide your contents into multiple blocks with proper Sub-headings. In between the content if you want to highlight any line use bold letters. While ranking bold texts and Sub-headings comes first to the eyes of Search engines.

While highlighting use eye catching Colors

There are many ways to highlight texts in between Contents. Some prefer italic or else bold to highlight. Recently I applied a trick to highlight few lines in a running blog. Just using a span I updated the font-size & color of the text. Happy to tell you this trick reduce the percentage of bounce rate as per Google Analytics reports.

Focus more into First Paragraph

A visitor is always busy. While creating a content make the first paragraph attractive & information specific. During a user share time with your blog this trick helps to improve user engagement. With in the first 150 words try to use the major keywords of your Content Title.

Give referral links to Others Blog

At the beginning days of a blog I don’t think you have enough contents to link internal. In this cause while writing a content provide links to other blogs. This attitude helps improve traffic as well as link rotation.

Use images with Contents

Images are more eye catching compare to Contents. No matter how best is your content is. Always make a habit to provide quality images with your Contents. Images with Contents improves user experiences.

Before Publish a Content Check with CopyScape

CopyScape is a website which provide the facility to check whether your contents are original or copied from some where. Once you are ready with you blog post before publishing in your domain check the content with CopyScape. If your contents are original CopyScape will show you “New”.

These Content Writing Tips will help your Blog page to index in top results of Google. Share us.