How to prepare tasty Chinese Veg Chowmein Recipe?

Chowmein is a popular recipe of China. In Chinese restaurants you can found Chowmein in their menu card. There are several ways to prepare Veg Chowmein Recipe. Chowmein can be used for both the category of foods, Veg and Non-veg. The ultimate taste of this recipe made it popular across the countries like United States, India & Britain. As this recipe contains green vegitables, Veg Chowmein are good for your eyes health. Whether a birthday party or marriage reception you can serve veg noodles. Compare to non-veg Chowmein vegitable Chowmein takes less time to prepare and can be serve from Kids to Guests.

During evening parties Chowmein is a awesome recipe. But truly saying veg Chowmein has a different taste, if you prepared this at your home. Many housewives even don’t know the trick to prepare tasty Chowmein at their kitchen. In this session let me share the cooking steps to prepare Vegitable Chowmein recipe at home.

Ingredients for Chinese Veg Chowmein

  • Two Packets Chowmein (Top Ramen 70gm Packs)
  • Cooking Oil (Use Mustard Oil or Refiened Oil)
  • 2 to 3 medium size Onions
  • 200 gm Pea Seeds
  • Two ripe Tomatoes
  • 50 gram Beans
  • 3 to 5 Green Chillies
  • Coriander leaves
  • Cabbage, Capsicum and Carrots
  • Salt as Required

Cooking Steps to Prepare veg Chowmein

Switch on your Gas. Put a pan. Add some Mustard or Refiened Oil. When Oil start boiling put chopped onion & a little salt. Start frying. After some 5 to 7 minutes add chopped tomatoes. Keep frying. Mix tomatoes well with Onions. Then add Pea Seeds, Chopped Beans & Chopped Green Chillies. Fry it until the vegetables get cooked well.

Now add some little water in cooked vegetables. Open the Chowmein packets & add the Masala to fried vegetables. Mix all well. Then add some 1/2 glass of water plus required amount of salt. When it will start boiling put Chowmein. Don’t break the noodles into small pieces. Just put the rectangular piece into boiling masala mixer. Slowly start frying. As soon noodles are soft, it will mix with Masala mixer. To cook Chowmein don’t add more water. Slowly add water and keep cooking noodles. 5 to 7 minutes before switch-off the Stove add chopped Cabbage, chopped Capsicum and Carrots if you like. Keep your veg Chowmein gravy. After some 7 to 10 minutes your veg Chowmein recipe is ready to serve. To add better smell for you veg Chowmein add some Coriander leaves on top.