Basic SEO Interview Questions & Answers for Freshers

Are you a IT Fresher? Interested to start your Career as a SEO professional. If so let you know SEO is a on-going process. As you know among global Search Engines Google is the King. To serve quality search Google and other search engines updates their algorithm regularly. To achieve success in SEO you required to stay update with latest SEO tricks. Under SEO many thing comes. To be a successful SEO professional is not so easy. I noticed even 10 years experienced SEO professionals having queries related to Search Engine Optimization. So during your interview interviewer can ask any possible questions related to SEO. In this regard here I am sharing basic SEO interview questions and answers.

Difference between Organic & Referral traffics?

Organic traffic refers those visitors who visit your site through Search engines. Compare to referral traffic organic traffic provides better visitors (leads). Let’s take an example, think you have a link related to “Effective home remedies to cure Filaria (Elephantiasis)“. While searching in search engine if a visitor got this link then that traffic is called Organic traffic. In current market the major organic traffic providers are Google and Bing.

Referral traffic is nothing but the traffic comes from link building. As a blog owner you must have Facebook or Twitter accounts. There you have many fans. In this case if you are sharing a link then many one can visit that. These visitor are the best example of referral traffic. Referral traffic generates less sale compare to organic traffic. As a blog owner it’s always wise to consider organic traffic as primary source of business.

Is meta keywords & description matters?

Yes. From my blogging Career I noticed meta keywords are very effective. By including meta keyword in your html page you can get better traffic from Search engines.

Meta description is nothing but those two lines which Google search shows in each search result links. As a best SEO practice always add meta description with your page. While deciding meta description think once the user will view this description in search engines while searching the related keywords.

What is keyword density?

While generating a content the repetition of keywords is called Keyword density. Ranking in Google checks Keyword density. The main ambition behind keyword density is to know the content originality.

Why my blog required a robots.txt file?

Robots.txt is a technique introduced by Google to track which are the pages or folders webmaster want to index or block from the total files of application root folder. For an example in your website you want to block indexing for the “Admin” folder located in root directory. In this case robots.txt helps. Some time during live if you found any page is not compatible to Google webmaster policies you can block this url using robots.txt. Add robots.txt in your application root folder.

What is a Sitemap?

Sitemap is one more way to indicate search engines about your total site structure. I can say this is a page of links. Practice to use both the HTML & XML sitemap. It is healthy practice for on-page SEO.

Do I required both the Sitemap (HTML & XML) in my blog?

Yes. Google or Bing Webmaster tools required a XML based Sitemap. While user required a HTML one. Sitemap guides visitors.

What is the difference between Indexing & Crawling?

Crawling a link in Google is the job of 2 minutes, while indexing takes time. In the early phase many webmasters get confused behind the concept of Crawling and Indexing. After Crawled the link, when it appears in Google Search generally newcomers thought that the link is indexed. But the story is different. Once we Crawled the link it takes minimum 2 to 3 weeks time to indexed in Google. Indexing depends upon link popularity. Depending upon the number of links indexed in Google ROI varies. read more…

How can I know how many pages are indexed in Google or Bing?

To know how many pages are indexed in Google or Bing you required to Search your Domain name. For example “”. Notice carefully at the top of Search results there is a line like “About 12,700 results (0.68 seconds)”. Here it is saying 12,700 pages are indexed. Similarly to know how much pages Crawled you required to enter the search string with “site:”. For an example “”.

What are Google Webmaster tools?

Without traffic from Google your web is useless. To gain traffic from Google first you need to index your links in Google. That’s why to Google Webmaster Tools. Let’s us discuss in brief what are the features available in Google Webmaster tools & how can you Configure them for your business links Quick Guide to Webmaster Tools.

How to index a link quicker in Google?

Whether Google or Bing you can index your release easily using “Fetch Google” or “Fetch Bingbot” tool from Webmaster tools. In real-time Google do start crawling with in the next 5 minutes after you did fetch google. While Bing takes 24 hours.

Is image optimization effects in SEO?

After Google introduced image search million of visitors are stopped to access other image search sites. Using image there is a chance you can have a visitor. Search engines are unable to read an image. In the cause there are alt & title attributes for image tag. During you integrate an image for your page provide proper keyword related alt & title attributes. This is the only way through which search engines can know about your images. This is the On-page SEO technique of image related sites.

How to Choose a page title?

Keep your web-page title & content heading similar. Prefer to use canonical URLs in place of short URLs. For an example if I want to create a content for “How to teach your Kids?”. It’s more SEO friendly to keep the URL structure like “/how-to-teach-your-kids” in place of “/p=237“. Here I mean to say use a permalink structure in your URL that includes keywords. Search engines will show the URL in their Search results. So, Always prepare URLs user friendly.

How do I test is my pages are Mobile Friendly?

The best tool to test whether your page is Mobile Friendly is This is owned by Google. Just copy paste the link you want to test for mobile compatibility.

How long it takes to see SEO in results?

All we know SEO is not a Single day job. It required sufficient time & dedication. Minimum 3 months we required to see SEO in results.

How many days Google take to index?

If your site is meeting all Google policies, it may take 30 to 45 days for indexing. Indexing is not a one time job. It runs regularly.

Is manual link building good for indexing?

Leads of Search engine Google or Bing hates manual link building. It’s true during early stage of a blog we required to do manual link building (As we have to Create Social media pages or profile links) for initial publicity. If your blog is Adsense depended then avoid Social sharing or any kind of link building which can affect rank in Google.

What is the benefit of using H1, .. H6 or Bold letters with Content?

This technique is called “Highlight Contents”. Using this technique you can keep a visitor more time on your page. After this while Search engines will index the page they will consider highlighted words as keywords. Highlighting keywords gives better result in Search Engine Optimization.

Do I submit my blog to both the popular Search Engines Google and Bing?

Yes. Bing is the alternative of Google. It’s a Microsoft product. I am not saying Bing will give you more traffic compare to Google but while your link will go parallel in 2 search engines it give competitive results.

How much time Bing takes to Crawl?

After “Fetch Google”, while Google takes 5 minutes to index a link Bing takes 24 hours.

What is the difference between On-page and Off-page SEO?

Which SEO practices we do inside our domain that is called On-page SEO. Link building, Social media marketing, Email marketing or Forum posting comes under Off-page SEO Optimization. Always its wise to do On-page before going for Off-page.

Do I will do link sharing in Social medias?

If you are with AdSense and looking to earn more don’t share links in Social medias. If you are sailing products or with a free site do Social media marketing.

Is Competitor analysis helps in SEO?

Yes. Competitor analysis give correct direction to SEO success.

What is Search Engine submission and how it is useful in SEO?

Globally there are thousand search engines. I know we can get major traffic from Google or Bing but once after a new domain submit your domain to bulk search engines.

Do I will crate a Wikipedia page for my blog?

It’s good to create a wiki page for your blog or web. This gives a permanent backlink with definition to brand name. You must noticed for many keywords Google shows Wikipedia details. So made this with your domain.

Is I required to Track user activities?

Yes. To get success in web you must required to observe your visitors. Visitors analysis gives direction to targeted SEO.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a powerful real-time web tracking tool. It’s free to use.

What is a inbound link?

In simple word backlinks are called inbound links. When a user link you link and share in his or her network that is called inbound link. Google loves natural inbound links.