Make Money with Google Adsense – Adsense Approval Trick

Newcomers in web struggling to achieve a valid Google Adsense account for their websites or blog. Few are not getting Approval & Many webmasters Adsense Accounts are blocked by Google. World knows Google is very strict on their policies. Before into an Adsense account, I can suggest first let you read Google Adsense policies very carefully. It help for a long term business relationship with Google Inc. Keep a note once if your Adsense account is blocked by Google its quite difficult to active it again. Even you can’t take participate in Adsense program more. In this session let us share Adsense Approval Trick. If you are interested to earn online I can suggest Make Money with Google Adsense.

Among highest paying online ad agencies Google Adsense is in the top. Nearly in 90% websites Google sell their ads. At present Adsense is the biggest on-line ad network in Globe. Are you interested to keep earning with Google. If so please follow me at below.

1. Google accepts only Content based websites to provide their ads. For non-content based websites Google Ads are not allowed. Let us talk about the popular image based site For such sites Google never provides ads. In case you are using your existing Adsense account in a website which did not qualify for Google Adsense policies. Immediately the King of Search engines Google will block your Adsense Account. I told above once Google blocked your account its partially an impossible job to active your login again.

2. Google Ads are not allowed to use in Pornographic or Adult content base sites. In this point would like to Suggest you Google is enough smart to track each & every details. Don’t ever try to cheat Google.

3. If in your website you are accepting user registration or user information’s keep a Privacy Policy page. In general for About us page or Contact us page don’t show Google Ads.

4. As a high Priority by-self please never Click on Google Ads. Even don’t suggest any body to hit on Google Ads. This activity can block you adsense account. Remember for each web page don’t put more then 3 Google ads.

5. One adsense account is enough for all your sites. For each site you don’t need to apply a new adsense account. You can use your existing adsense account for multiple sites but before using in any of your site be sure your site must obey the Adsense program policies.

6. Use correct payee name and valid address the time you are applying for Adsense.

7. To get Adsense approval you must be at-least 18 years old.

These are the minimum boundaries for Google Adsense. To get genuine approval from adsense I can suggest the following.

Choose a good business domain. Download the WordPress script. Host this in your server. Write some 10 to 15 genuine content based articles. Create some backlinks for your domain. Then apply for an adsense. With in 5 to 7 working days Adsense team will approve your login. Once it is done, create ad units with your new adsense account. Then place this ad units on your approved website. Initially these ad blocks will show you blank ads. This is one kind of verification to your property. Don’t worry for this Google will take care. Stay genuine, Do genuine & don’t ever think to cheat Google. Hope with this you will have your Successful Adsense account for a long term basis.