Tips to Write a Comment with list of Blog Commenting Sites

In SEO backlinks plays a great role. More backlinks means high page-rank (PR). Page rank helps to listed your web in top 10 search results. If your site is getting quality traffic from other sites, search engine will index this fast & in high priority. There are two ways to write a comment for others blog. One is permanent (Dofollow) and other one is Temporary (NoFollow). If you are sharing a link in Facebook or Twitter this is a permanent backlink for your site. The administrator of this medias will not delete your link ever. But temporary backlinks are like when you do a guest posting. I mean if you sharing your link in a blogspot site it can be deleted by the site webmaster in any point of time.

Benefits of Temporary backlinks are it will give you instant traffics. When permanent backlinks are not. It takes time to indexed in Google. Permanent backlinks help more for page rank rather then instant traffics. In this article let us discuss more about blog commenting and Blog Commenting Sites.

There are various professional sites for blog commenting. Let me share few of them.

List of Sites

Tips for Blog Commenting

In blog commenting first keep a note where you are sharing your links to get more traffic or ranking this is the property of some one else. Your comments must be like that which will help both the party to gain business. Practice to comment lengthy. Try to use similar keywords as per the page content in your comments. Don’t forget to share your link. Engage In Conversation, Share your thoughts. In comment don’t spam ever. Let us keep our network clean.

Take a case study assume we are going to do blog commenting for the most searched hottest glamor Sunny Leone. Your web-link is saying ‘Hot photos of Sunny Leone’. Better if its an unique string in Google. Start search ‘Hot photos of Sunny Leone “Comments”’. In result you will get the commenting sites for your keywords ‘Hot photos of Sunny Leone’. Check one by one and add your comments. Avoid to use any tools for Commenting. Do blog commenting manually.

Now the matter comes what to add in comments. Here I can suggest if you are having a content based site then don’t copy your contents in blog commenting. It can de-rank your links in Google. Always keep your contents unique & most search-able. In comments try to write your own feedback related to the topic you are commenting. In feedback try to use the similar keywords used in the article. Better if your comment is more then 100 words at a min. Few sites are accepting links in comments & few are accepting only text. In case of you found the site is accepting links, share your links with your comments. If it accepts only text then comment in such a way that the reader need to focus in your comments. Format your comments well. Using an excel sheet track the links & your comments.

1. Comment on Do-follow blogs. It will give your site a permanent backlink.

2. Before comment in a high Quality forum add your web-link to your Signature.

3. In Yahoo Answers share your comments with link.

In internet its true ‘Time is Money‘. By doing blog commenting you are investing major time of yours. Try to comment in high PR sites. 100 normal backlinks is less valuable then 5 high quality backlinks. Quality backlinks helps in fastest indexing & to grab large number of traffics. Search high PR blog commenting sites in Google. Comment there. Replay to the first commenter. In this way your comment will look at the top of rest comments.

In my own website I am getting more then thousand unique visitors a day from only one blog commenting site So, I can suggest do it a practice to comment blogs everyday for some 2 to 3 hours. If you can do more its more good. But avoid excess number of comments in a day. If your site is getting 500 visitors it is good to do 100 comments per day. If you are doing more comments then the number of visitors Google can penalize your site. For new comers in e-business blog commenting helps a lot. This is the best way to drive traffic for a newly introduce websites.

Happy Blog Commenting!