Pondicherry to Ooty 6 popular Places to Travel alone in South India

Just like our Goa plans, we can never rely on our friends for a trip. Last minute cancellations, have you been there? This dampens the vacation mood and all you wish is to travel alone.

Well, no big deal! You can travel and wander places on your own, meet new people and enjoy.

You are your best companion to travel with. Imagine, walking down streets, meeting new people, stopping by to have your favorite ice-cream, visiting the historical place that bored your friends, enjoy the serenity; these are the perks of travelling alone, you can be on your own.

So, if you are wanderlust and got friends who keep cancelling plans, solo travelling is the only key to unlock adventures for you. And, to kick-start, your solo journey, exploring south is way better and beautiful. Expansive tea estates to the home of filter coffee, beaches to metropolis city, South India is a treasure waiting to be discovered.

Places to Explore in South India

1. Pondicherry

Pondicherry for you is – Gothic Churches, peculiar cafes and isolated beaches. The city is famous among solo travellers as it provides an array of experiences.

Want to spend time alone? Head to Auro Beach and enjoy the sea. If you are a water sports lover then you must visit Paradise Beach for surfing and parasailing. Also, you can go to Promenade Beach to swim along the sea.

The city is reminiscent of French Polynesia, have a walk through the French Quarter to have a colonial view. Cafes in the city are fun, from a great menu to great libraries everything and all at one place. Also, enjoy the Franco-Indian cuisine at the restaurants.

If you adore architecture, you must visit White Town. The town is well-planned with European style streets and rustic images.

Best time to visit is from October to March as the weather then is pleasant though the weather in the city is warm throughout the year because of coastal influence.

2. Ooty

With wonderful tea estates and its panoramic views, it is known as the ‘Queen of Hills’. Among the solo travellers, Ooty is on top. So, if you are a thrill seeker and love hiking, you must go to Ooty.

Plan your trip well, including all the attraction so that you don’t miss any. Hire a cab to explore the lush green gardens, dense forests and the hills welcoming you pleasantly. Also, you can visit Ooty Botanical Garden and do not forget to see the 20-million years old fossilized tree which is a popular attraction.

Through the misty woods and dark tunnels discover the Nilgiri Hills, hike up to Doddabetta Peak and capture the beauty of the place. Also, you can go trekking to Dolphin’s Nose and have an astounding view of Catherine Falls. Go fishing at Kamraj Sagar Lake. Last but not the least; your trip is not complete if you do not taste Ooty’s White Chocolate!

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3. Gokarna

Placed in the heart of Karnataka, this beach town is not as happening as Goa but has its own beauty. The beach town is famous for chilling beach holidays. A small town away from the city’s chaotic life is a paradise for escapists.

Be it the Kudle Beach, famous for its woodlands or the rocky Paradise Beach or Om Beach; fun is guaranteed in the town. Other than the beaches, the place got some religious sites and Hindu temples. You can enjoy the Dravidian architecture.

If you can extend your vacation, then you must go to Murudeshwar too, one hour travel from Gokarna. The city is famous for the historic temples.

4. Varkala

Walking by the shore, hearing the serene sound of waves soothes your soul. If you are looking for a calm place, Varkala is for you. Solo travellers will enjoy going to Varkala, the place is situated between Alleppey and Kovalam, a lesser known destination but a budget-friendly one.

Varkala is a small place to explore but as it is situated on a cliff, it takes time to discover the scenic beauty and calm environment. There are temples and forts like Janardhana Swamy Temple, Anjengo Fort, Vishnu Temple and Sivagiri Mutt to be in awe of their architecture. Enjoy the south Indian cuisine with candle lights under a starry blanket on the beach and experience the waves splashing. Doesn’t it sound amazing?

You can visit the place from October to March and also in the monsoon months from July to September. Please avoid the summer months.

5. Hampi

If you are a history enthusiast excited to explore the monuments, examine the carvings and visit temples, Hampi is your great escape. In the ruins of this old settlement, you could find peace. Also, it the place is a key spot on the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The city is a treasure of historic monuments and ancient artefacts; most famous among all is the Virupaksha Temple. It is the most significant and the oldest shrine for worship till date. There are other beautiful worship sites around the temple’s complex. Some sites are Ganesha temple, Jain Hemakuta Temples, Krishna Temple and a small Krishna Bazaar. Vitthala Temple is again a beautiful site famous for its musical pillars and stone chariot. Further, you can visit Queen’s Bath, the Lotus Mahal, and Zenana Enclosure.

Hampi is ideal for the lone explorer. The best time to visit is from October to March and 3-4 days are enough to explore the ruins of the city. You can book your stay with Oyo Rooms and by using Oyorooms Coupons can get amazing discounts.

6. Yelagiri

Yelagiri stuns you even before you reach your destination. From an amazing landscape to woods and forests, the city is rich in natural beauty. The city is quiet and appropriate for the “me time” that you miss in your chaotic life.

Different than other hill stations, Yelagiri has its own significance. It’s full of lakes and astonishing viewpoints. Punganoor Lake or Swami Malai Hills are the places filled with tranquil pleasures. Soothing surroundings gives you a pleasant experience and you enjoy the serene nature. Swami Mali hills are amazing for adventure sports and for a great sunset view.

If you are a nature lover, then you must visit Nature Park near Punganoor Lake. In the park, you’ll find different Flora and Fauna with an artificial waterfall, a musical fountain bamboo house and what not. The best place for the Wordsworths!

The ideals months to visit Yelagiri are November to February and you can witness its beauty and enjoy the nature.

Solo travelling makes you meet you. It lets you discover your own self that was hiding from the world. So, the list of places is ready, what are you waiting for? If you are an amateur and it is your first time travelling solo, South India is great to start to your solo journey. Experience the unfiltered world, explore the hidden, make new friends, discover the undiscovered and fall in love with yourself.

Happy Journey Folks!