White hat SEO tricks to increase Organic Traffic for your Blog

There are variety of ways using which we can bring Customers to our blog. Compare to others methods Organic Search is the best practice to gain more Business. Organic Search provides lead in place of normal visitors. In top search engines everyday million of visitors coming to Search. To gain visitors by Search Engines called Organic Search. In this session let us discuss what are the while hat SEO tricks to increase Organic Search.

On-page SEO

Today Search Engines are enough smart. They detect nearly everything’s on your page before provide the link in search results. On-page SEO is nothing but the technique to optimize your page for search engines. Which helps to index your page in the top rank. Many factors comes with On-page SEO. From page title to url On-page SEO matters. To know more about On-page SEO techniques read our On-page SEO tips.

Identify your Targeted Keywords

Keyword research is a key to SEO Success. Think appropriate keyword before you plan the content. Keyword optimization is the best way to get high rank. Let you plan to write an article related to Bollywood Celebrities. Check with search engines is the keyword you choose are already there. If so what is the level of competition. The time you are writing content keep keywords in front of your eyes. With contents tactically provide high level of keyword density.

Provide Original & Quality contents

Content is the king. Quality Contents can change your Business turnover. Avoid copy paste. Write your own Original contents. As I told search engines are enough smart to detect each & every activity. So stay genuine in the matter of contents. Keep remember if you publish Copyrights contents in your blog with in 24 hours the king of search engine will start de-rank your pages. If you are new to web start writing contents in your own words. Content writing is not a difficult job. Once you get started I am sure with in 10 to 15 days you can write more better then a professional content writer.

Provide Quality Backlinks to your blog

In many search engines backlink effects ranking. To gain more Organic Search backlinks are the best link building strategy. High quality backlinks are thousand times better then low quality backlinks. Stay aware of this & create quality backlinks for your blog. Quality backlinks helps to achieve high page rank.

Do Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is 2 types. One is Social Networking & other one is Social bookmarking. For better organic search Create a page related to your blog in Social Networking sites. Social Networking sites provides Dofollow backlinks. About Social Bookmarking bookmark your link as many Social Bookmarking Sites you can. These backlinks are permanent backlinks & it directly help to improve organic Search results.

Monitor Traffic & Continue SEO efforts

Track your global visitors using Google Analytics. Analyse your Organic Search results. SEO is not a single day job. Do SEO in phase by phase. Don’t be impatience. Think continue efforts in SEO can show you your Business Success.