How Competitor Analysis & Keyword Research helps in SEO?

SEO Optimization includes various factors. It was observed not only for newcomers but also for experienced professionals it is quite difficult to cover all the stages of SEO. Generally in initial stage rather than moving blind it’s always wise to follow Competitors. Deep Competitor analysis & keyword research gives better direction for SEO. Competitor analysis saves time & helps to grow faster.

How Competitor analysis helps for Backlinks?

As you know backlinks helps for better ranking. Rather than Searching in Search engines for various Link building sites to share your links it is much better to do Competitor analysis. I mean Search your Competitor domain name in the Search engine. It will show you the list of URL’s which are pointing to your Competitor link. List them out and start link building with those sites. This strategy saves time and money.

For an example let’s talk about “”. If you will search “” in Google it will show you the list of sites pointing to From them it may not possible to build link with all. I mean if there is a natural link shared by the other webmasters, you can’t create your link there. But for those sites like Social media or Forums or Profile Creation you can sign up & share your links.

Competitor analysis for Contents Selection

Let us assume you have a site for Kids. On a regular basis you are generating contents for your site. After a certain period of time you will notice you may not have sufficient topics for further releases. Here Competitor analysis helps. For an example if you will search “ kids” Search results will show you all the indexed links from releated to Kids. Here from you can easily choose new topics for your domain.

How Competitor analysis helps in Keywords Research?

Unless until you have sufficient experience before choosing keyword for your new release. Search your topic title in Search engines. Here from you can locate your Competitor. Open the link and explore their keywords. Keep remember the link you will extract from search engine is already indexed. It means those keywords are accepted by Search engines. For better SEO Optimization do keyword research and use which one is more suitable keyword for your Contents. To avoid duplicate here you can add or remove words to those keywords. It give better result for SEO.

Gain more Followers from your Competitor

Social media marketing is a best approach to improve traffic. You must noticed whether in Facebook or Twitter there is a facility of Like or Follow. If a user is liking your Social media portfolio then the time you release a new topic he/she can watch it on Social media wall. To increase followers for your Social media page it is much wise to do Competitor analysis. I mean check your Competitor followers and follow them. While some body loves the type of website your Competitor provides then definitely there is possibility that he/she will like your website. So I can say before follow unknown users go for your Competitor followers.

Compare On-page SEO Optimization

On-page SEO Optimization requires many things to do. Manually it is difficult to check all those factors. Looking into this here I can suggest you to use tools like or any other. Using the tool while you are checking your domain at the same end check your Competitor domain. Compare both the reports and fix where you are lacking.

Competitor analysis helps to improve Quality

Assume that your have a Content based portal. You are going to generate a content for “Dental Care tips for Kids“. Here before getting started it is wise to check Competitors. In this case competitor analysis gives additional inputs. Which helps to improve your content word count and quality.

Analyze the Page Structure & Speed

As you know to achieve better ranking in Search engines page structure & loading speed matters. Page structure is a major Chapter of On-page SEO. Starting from page title to subheadings many things you required to optimize for better performance. Here competitor analysis helps to know where to use h1, h2, h3, .., h6 tags? Where to use bold letters? Depending upon your site category is you required to integrate Social media widgets. To earn better correct placement of ads are very necessary. Check with your competitor where they placed which resolution ads.

Like page structure page loading is an another major factor for better ranking. Check your page loading speed & your competitor page loading speed in Google page-speed insight. Try to reduce your page loading time compare to your competitor.

Check what are additional Facilities your Competitor provides

Additional while doing competitor analysis compare the facilities your competitor provides above you. For an example if your competitor provides multi-lingual translation try to implement the same for your site. Similarly if your competitor provides social sharing buttons add them in your portal too.

Competitor analysis & Keyword research are the shortcut to achieve better SEO Optimization in less time. Take this benefit and increase your sales compare to your Competitor.