5 Tips on How to Build Quality Backlinks and Boost Rankings

Building of the quality backlinks is one of the SEO strategies used to improve your website’s rankings with Google. Here are some of the moves you can make to improve them and make them work better to your advantage.

Clean up

Don’t take any additional steps until you have your grounds prepared. Check the quality of the sources you already have linked to your website. It is good to have a lot of backlinks but a certain way of avoiding a penalty and boosting your Google rating is choosing to go for quality over quantity. Depending on how many backlinks you have, discard a number of them and use their domain authority level as a criterion. This is not only to be done once, it takes regular maintenance as a lot of links can pile up with time, some even purposely to damage your reputation.

Target your associates

One of the crucial elements of good SEO is relevance. Locate the websites relevant to your industry and of good reputation with Google to try to link to them. You can make them aware of your existence and your offer by contacting them and basically asking them to link to you if they find it appropriate and beneficial to their users. This is where quantity plays an important role as you will probably have to reach out to a lot of websites before you get a satisfying number of high-quality Backlinks.


Write high-quality content which you believe would interest your customers and search for relevant domains which accept guest posts. Use the text you wrote to link to your website where appropriate and thus get a backlink. Your knowledge of the industry will help you choose the right subjects to write about and skills to attract readers’ attention. You can also start your own blog and fill it with your original content but it may take a lot of time to build it, maintain it and gain a reputation for it.

Stay Active and Comment

Keep an eye on the latest developments, discussions, and dilemmas within your industry and relevant branches. This time use a comment section to leave your input. The comment should be as genuine as it can possibly be and closely referring to the article it addresses. Use the comment to leave a link to your website. Having covered the above-mentioned points of being relevant and genuine, your comment will not be perceived as spam but as a valuable insight into your experience.

Repair what’s broken

This is your chance to use what other people have left behind. Use a vast number of broken links floating in the online space to your advantage. Every SEO Reseller knows how important it is to have your keywords well defined. Listen to the word of experts and act accordingly. Filter the sites you would like to be connected to, based on their rankings and relevance to your keywords. Once you have targeted the website, look for do-follow broken links. Visit the internet archive and try to locate the moment in time when the broken link was still up and replicate the content. Perhaps not even replicate but use it as inspiration for creating your own original content. Inform the website you have initially targeted, that you came across the broken link and that they are welcome to link to your similar content.

SEO is all about good reputation and by association this refers to backlink building. Pay extra attention to whom you are connected to and focus on staying genuine. Originality will help you avoid looking like spam, even more importantly, avoid penalties and improve your rankings.