What is the difference between Traveller and Tourist?

Do you love to travel or visit new places? Are you a Traveller or a tourist? This question may seem awkward to many. However, the fact is that these two terms are completely different from each other. Although people use the word “Traveller” and “Tourist” interchangeably, there is a wide difference between the two. This article will help you understand the difference between a Traveller and a Tourist.

Let’s start with defining the two terms:


Travellers are the people who love to explore local places and get indulged in the local culture. They love to explore every place inside-out. Travellers aim to learn and experience a new culture and take a break from the hectic life schedule. Travellers love to travel in economy and maintain their stature as a normal locale.


A tourist is one who can be identified easily among the localities. They can be easily tracked with a camera in hand and try to stay in their comfort zone. Though they may explore a region many touristsdon’t find indulgence with the local culture or tradition. They enjoy being in the major cities and reside in luxury hotels. You will not find Traveller in the off beaten path of small towns.

Difference between Traveller and Tourist

Below are some of the factors that differentiate between a Traveller and a tourist.

1. Tourist stick out, Traveller blends

Tourists try to attract attention and many have abnormal behaviors towards the locality. They seem to be self-involved and enjoy their own company. You may find tourists in groups, enjoying and excreting. Some tourists are like sore thumbs thatclog up the sidewalks with a map and a camera in hand.

Travellers, however, are those who mix with the localities and tend to become one of them. They enjoy the company of local people and make attempts to look like them. They adhere to the local and social norms without hurting the sentiments of localities.

2. Tourist look for comfort food, Traveller eat what local

A tourist is always awry of trying local food. They love eating comfort food or carry their own food with themselves. They look out for popular eating joints and satisfy their palate.

Travellers, on the other hand, explore the local cuisine and love to gorge on anything that comes in the way. They are always willing to step out of their comfort zone and prefer eating the local dishes. Travellers are more inclined towards exploring the local culture.

3. Tourist love sightseeing, Traveller make relations

Tourists only love to go sightseeing the popular and main tourist points. They hardly make effort to meet local people or visit the heart of the city. They donot converse with locals at ease and remain in their own groups.

Travellers love to get involved with the local people. They leave their comfort zone and explore the local language, tradition,and culture. They explore the unique stories of the places and visit the heart of the city. They explore the places where the local resources are made available.

4. Tourist are dressed comfortably, Traveller go for Style

Tourists carry clothes that are comfortable when traveling. It doesnot matter whether it is out-dated in the country of visit or not. This sometimes makes them at risk of being disrespectful to the local people of the places they visit.

Travellers are smarter and respectful towards the local culture and tradition. They pack clothes to suit their style, comfort,and fashion. They are more fashionable and functional in terms of clothes.

5. Tourist converse in their native tongue, Traveller learn local languages

Tourists visit places only for a fewdays. They hardly make attempts to learn to local language and stick to their native tongue. As they donot meddle with the localities, they don’t bother about it.

Travellers try to mix with localities and stay in places for longer. They do a complete research of the places and make attempts to learn the language. Most of the Travellers are expert in learning new languages.

6. Tourist buy souvenirs, Traveller make a Deal

As tourists reside only for a few days, they donot have much time to explore the local stuff. They are directed to populartourist shops where they buy expensive souvenirs without a bargain. They settle for anything that is found in the tourist shops and doesn’t make efforts to explore the specialty.

Travellers stick to one place for a longer period and love to explore the natives. They check out the local resources, and gems. They try to buy authentic products from the place. They also make friends with some localities who help the Traveller to explore the uniqueness of the place. They buy souvenirs at the best affordable prices.

7. Tourist abide by Maps, Traveller go with instincts

Tourist is sophisticated and abides by travel packages and maps. Many touristsarrive through travel companies who make pre-packagedfor them.

Travellers are the ones who are master of their own mind. They travel wherever their heart takes them. They explore places as directed by the localities and donot follow any packages.

8. Tourist go on vacation, Traveller travels

Tourists visit places when they are on vacations. They can’t leave their job and explore the places. Most of the tourists are found swarming in a popular place when they have a weekend off from their office.

Travellers travel whenever they feel inclined to. Many people are paid to travel and explore a particular place.

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