Difference between Social Media Marketing & Bookmarking?

In the world of web day by day Social Media’s are getting more popular. Let us talk about the most popular Social Networking site Facebook. Social Media is nothing but a global place to create, share & organize the things better. Using Social Media you can built your own network. You can find friends. You can share your own thoughts & ideas. If required you can create a group or events. For business prospective you can create your business page. Any way social media helps in Internet Marketing. Using social media you can easily get connect to your friends, colleagues, family & relatives.

In the chapter of Internet Marketing Social Media’s are divided into two major types.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Let’s think you are costume manufacture. In your website you have some excellent items to sale. Using social media you decided to promote your products. You are an existing user in facebook, twitter like famous social networking sites. You have many connections and likes. If you sharing your products link here you are doing Social Media Marketing. For commercial purpose you can do advertisements in popular social networking sites.

Social Media Bookmarking (SMB)

In internet there are plenty of links which are very useful. To keep this store on-line we called Social Bookmarking. Using social bookmarking we can create, edit & share our links. When we are storing a link in social bookmarking site search engines detect this as a valid backlink. More backlinks means more organic search. If you are a webmaster it’s better to share your links in high PR social bookmarking sites. This activity helps in better indexing.