Techniques behind successful Link building strategies

Link building strategies are major activities in Off-page Optimization. Before Jump to the discussion about Link Building let us explore more about a Link. A link is a HTML Anchor tag. Which has some properties & methods. The Syntax we use to present a link is <a href="" target="_blank">Link Description goes here...</a>. While the same Syntax executes over others HTML page in internet this is Called link building.

Think you are a Blog Owner. You must aware of the value behind backlinks. More backlinks means better ranking. In Link Building there are many ways to generate a backlink. Keep remember Google hates Tool generated Automated backlinks. Always try to maintain natural Link building strategies. If your blog is getting 500 unique visitors per day it is advisable to Create max to max 10 backlinks per day. Let us stay in the Safe Side.

Generally newcomers in blogging do link building very fast to grow. But this trick is not acceptable. From my personal experience my blog is getting 600 unique visitors per day. In a week-end to utilize time I created nearly 200 blog comments. The next day I found Google DE-indexed my blog. Link building is not a one week job. It required sufficient time & attention.

Factors of successful Link building Strategies

1. Always prefer 10 high PR backlinks Compare to 200 low PR backlinks.

2. Do Link building with high Authority Sites.

3. While Sharing a link in others blog add some description with link. It is better if your description length is in-between 100 to 150 words. This practice makes Search engines to watch you link faster.

4. Focus your Keywords while writing Description for a link.

5. If there is a possibility to share image with link then do that. Links with image get more traffic compare to normal link.

Link sharing in Social medias is coming under Link Building. Today it was observed Social media marketing brings better traffic. I know you have a business page in your popular Social media. While Sharing a link there add attractive images & description. Thousand Social networking sites are in market. While utilizing your time for Link Building Choose High PR top Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and LinkedIn.

Link Building required sufficient patience and time. While doing Link Building you required good knowledge in Keywords Research. Today Search engines are very Cleaver. A single black hated SEO technique can penalize your property. Stay Careful, Do Careful. Generally Link building is two types Do-Follow & No-Follow. Do-Follow means while search engine will the link it will index the link. When No-Follow works Opposite.

To save your time let me share my own experiment. Initially create link building in popular Social medias. Going forward you can choose forums, email signature, questions and answers based portals or blog commenting. Compare to a temporary backlink permanent backlink helps for better ranking. Link building also happens through friends & business contacts. Ask your friends & relatives to share your link in there popular social medias. This is a very good short-cut to gain better ranking.

In a domain basically we have two types of URLs to do Link Building. One is the root domain and the other one is internal links. More backlinks in root domain brings the site to better index. It has an effect on internal links too. A high PR blog internal links gets more traffic compare to a low PR blog. After root domain choose which internal URLs or Keywords you want to bring in the top of global search engines. Then do link building for them.