Free Backlinks Submitter tools to generate 2000+ Bulk Backlinks

Backlinks helps a lot to improve quality visitors for your blog or websites. For new bloggers free backlinks generators tools is very essential. In general backlink means “How many sites are pointing to your site?”. Technically we called these links as outbound link. Depending upon the number of backlinks Google decides keyword position or page rank. Backlinks directly helps in SERP. More page rank means more Organic visitors. There are 2 types of backlinks. Do-follow & No-follow. Do-follow backlinks helps great in SEO. In other word I can say Do-follow backlinks are permanent link building techniques. Similar to a do-follow link no-follow link not help in indexing. You can use no-follow links to drive referral traffic. If you are planning to purchase some no-follow links go for high traffic blogs.

While no-follow backlinks are useful to drive referral traffic. No-Follow links not act on keywords ranking. As it is no-follow Google not consider the link while indexing. Let us talk about blog commenting, you commented in a blog and added your link. Once after your comment approved you will get referral traffic from that comment but any time the site admin can delete your link. Permanent do-follow Quality backlinks can get your page rank higher in search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. In the matter of do-follow backlinks Guest Posting Services works much better than any other marketing tricks. Guest Posting helps in ranking and lead generation. In below I am sharing some online Backlinks Submitter tools to generate bulk Backlinks for your domain.

Bulk Backlinks from

If you are looking for bulk Backlinks, Search Engine Submission and Ping Services is the best place for you. They are providing more than 16 thousand valid backlinks. Open their business portal and submit your business link. This is the most effective backlink SEO service with keyword suggestion tool. Using keyword suggestion tool, you can check your keywords before submission. Using their free submission tool you have limited backlinks for your business. For bulk backlinks go for paid services.

Free Backlinks Submitter tool

imtalk is a best free on-line backlink generator tool. By submitting your site here you can get 380 backlinks for free. Open the url Fill the form with your website url and keywords (Keywords are Optional). Then submit the form, don’t close the browser or even don’t hit the back button. It will take nearly 10 to 15 minutes to create 380 valid backlinks for your site. We tested these links are google friendly.

Another good free backlink building tool was provided by duplichecker. For this Online tool success rate is very high. Open the link Fill input box with your business domain name and click on submit button. With 10 to 20 minutes this tool will create more than 1000 backlinks for your blog.

Backlinks Submitter tool from

Create High-Quality Links in seconds and boost your SEO. Using smallseotools you can create 57 quality backlinks for you business. This tool provides PR7 to PR2 backlinks. Visit this online seo tool here Including link building services they are also providing many SEO services. Check their plan and pricing structure. Before buying any services from them reach them and communicate your needs better.

To build free backlinks using this tool you need to Signup. Sitechecker is one more free back link building on-line tool. Using this you can create free backlinks for your blog. Open the URL and Submit your Links one by one.

Bulk Backlinks from

This portal provides 2000 backlinks for Free. Open the URL Submit your link to this online tool. With in next 10 minutes, it will generate 2000 backlinks for your blog from high authority domains. Some of them are no-follow & some of them are do-follow, but very established and regularly crawled by Google. These backlinks help to index faster in Search engines.

Using this Free link Submitter online free backlinks builder tool you can create more then hundreds of valid backlinks for your Site. Visit the URL. In ping box type your business link and click on ping. In 10 to 20 minutes it will generate plenty of SEO backlinks for you.

Turboseotools is a powerful SEO tool to Create Organic Backlinks. Generate high quality backlinks automatically using the page from Turboseotools They provides many link building services. There customer care works day night 24×7. I worked with them and can refer you. Use the power of link building to boost your SERP.

Seomagnifier is a free online tool to Create free SEO backlinks. This site creates link in pages like whois,, similarsites, or Visit their link Do submit your Business links. To verify the link ping the URL and check is your page Created successfully.

Including above links you can create more than 10000 free backlinks for your site. For no-follow quality backlinks search your keyword in Google with “comments”. In result Google will show you the listing of sites accepting blog commenting. Start do commenting regularly. It may not help for better ranking but this practice can bring referral visitors to your platform. More viewers mean your site can earn good.

Last but not the last take your own time to create high authority backlinks for your business. Link building is a marketing practice to build brand image and wider network. To grab more free backlinks start creating profile in those social medias and blog where from you can add your link. In the matter of Social medias, you can refer Facebook and Twitter. After your new Facebook or twitter account open successfully never forget to add your website link to profile. Register and share your links as many as social bookmarking site you can. Join Yahoo Answer and Quora like Question Answer portals. Share your links there using a question to general public. This is a tricky way to get free backlink with high traffic sites. It helps for backlinks as well as generates large number of referral traffic for your businesses.

Other Source of Free Backlinks

In digital marketing using profile Creation you can drive links to your business. Profile backlinks are google friendly. High authority profile links helps in ranking. From profile backlinks you can get both the flavors of links do-follow and no-follow. For your referrence here I am sharing more than 20 profile creation sites. Signup and in your profile page add your blog or website link.


To boost ROI it’s a good practice to build links regularly. In every week make a practice to create 10 to 12 links for your business. While Creating link try to grab a do-follow link. If the publisher not allow do-follow link then go for no-follow links. Site submission using the above SEO tools help to rank faster. This is a white-hat SEO practice. For new blogs these free backlink builders’ tool can work as a ladder.