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There are often times when we do feel a need of sending a text to a strangers phone number. In such scenarios giving away our personal phone number can lead us to some scam. That is why it is important to send such messages by some third party service so we can save our private information. However, when it comes to third party services, there are not so many options are available out there. Even if there are any service available, then it is not free. You either need to get a monthly subscription. Alternatively, you have to pay for the particular test.

However, wait the internet is filled with lots of free options too. One of such free options is the Now the question is what is and how it can help you out? So let’s just go and talk about it.

What is is one of the top websites which lets you send text online. As well as you can use the website to receive SMS online.

It offers more than 113 numbers across different locations which allows you to send a text to whichever country you like. Some of these countries are the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden and many others.

Furthermore, the best part of this website is that it lets you use its service free of cost. So no matter if you are going to send text or receive one. You will be able to perform the task free of charge.

Also, you do not need to download any app to send or receive SMS. Instead, the website is completely web based which cuts down a hell lot of process.

You can choose a number of a specific location from a bunch of countries. As well as you will be able to use multiple numbers at once.

This means if you are going to text two people, then you can use two different numbers to perform the task. This is what makes the website the perfect solution when it comes to sending texts free of cost.

However, the sad part of the story is that right now they are only offering to send text service to USA and Canada number holders. But thankfully, it is said that they are soon expanding their number database to other countries as well.

So that was a small introduction to the Now you must be wondering, how to send text using the website. Well so let’s just go ahead and have a look at it.

How to send text using

  • First of all head over to the
  • From here look at the navigation menu and select the “Send Text” button, click on it.
  • After that you will find two boxes. In the first box simply enter the text recipient’s number along with the country code.
  • In the below box, type the message that you wish to send.
  • After that click on the “I’m not a robot” box and fill the captcha.
  • In the end, simply click on the “Send Free SMS Now” button and you are all done.

That is it, now the receipt will receive your texts. In case if you want to receive SMS as well. Then scroll up and click on the replies button and you will be able to see all the received messages.

Also, there is no limitation on sending free SMS. So you do not have to worry about running out free attempts.

Anyway, that was all for the article. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and we will surely help you.