Scribie to iScribed the best 7 Online Document Transcription Services

You never need a transcription service until you do. It is not one of those services you need regularly unless it is part of your business. Transcription services are used a lot in the business and legal fields. Many companies, organizations and individuals require document transcription services. These days we also use it for converting online videos to text or articles. Converting recordings to text can be time-consuming, but there are a lot of document transcription services that will do the job for you. Some people just prefer to buy the software and save themselves some time, but there is never a replacement for the human eye. We have scrutinized some of the highly rated transcription services out there to bring you the best for this year.

Scribie – For those who are not yet comfortable with leaving everything up to software, this one is going to get you excited. It is done by human beings and the accuracy levels are proven to be high. You do not want to go over your transcribed work after you receive it back. With this one, you can be assured that little or no editing is required afterward.

iScribed – If you need your transcription happening quickly, iScribed has a turnaround time of about 48 hours. This is rather impressive, considering they don’t charge you an arm and a leg. It will probably take you longer when typing a resume and it is also highly accurate.

Temi – Now we are getting to those individuals who believe that technology is the future. This one does not transcribe manually, but it is an automated service. Perhaps not as accurate as those done by people, but for the price, you are receiving a great deal.

Speechnotes – Not everyone has a budget for transcription services and this is why we are excited about this one. Investing in an apa style converter might be more serious, but this transcription service does what it says and is absolutely free. Keep in mind that with a free service, you might need to have a look over it or put it through a grammar checker.

Rev – This service is highly rated based on the accuracy and price. You can be assured that a human eye looked at your work and made sure it is nothing short of top-notch quality. Based on the quality we would have thought this to be an expensive service, but they even surprised us there.

Otter – Testing the waters before signing up for any service is a great idea. Otter gives you a free trial period, but we are sure you will pay for the service thereafter. Your transcription happens in real time, so if that project was due yesterday, you can still make it.

Trints – Not everything in life comes cheap, but if the quality is good, it’s worth it. Trint is the priciest one on our list, but the service is remarkable. You might want to use this for smaller tasks. It is automated, but the accuracy does not disappoint.


This time-consuming task has never been easier with these highly rated services. We are excited for you to try the one that fits your needs and your budget. Someone might need a quick turnaround time, while others are more concerned with price. Whatever your need is, it would be captured somewhere in the list above.