SoundCloud or Apple Music Radio Get Free Music on iPhone

When Apple launched the iPod way back, they made a promise of putting a 1000 songs in our pockets. It sounded baffling at that time but in this age of technology, we find iPhone users short of time to listen to all the available songs in their pockets.

But this development in technology has come at a price albeit one which might burn a hole in your pocket if you are one of those occasional listeners of music. The kinds who follow the trends to just be able to remain up to date.

With the likes of Spotify, Google Play Music and Pandora all charging their users a monthly subscription fee, it becomes cumbersome for the people who want to enjoy the beats for free. Are you one of those iPhone users who cannot enjoy listening to the songs you love because of no more free songs on Apple Music? Then, you are in luck for we have compiled a list of resources you can use in order to enjoy music for free.


SoundCloud is free for iOS devices. Just make a new account if you don’t already have one and enjoy music on your iPhone. Having been there for 10 years now, SoundCloud boasts of the best artists in the world. Even the new singles which are due to be released by artists are teased on SoundCloud as previews.

The visually pleasing UI and the ability to create your own playlists is something you shouldn’t miss out on. Users are allowed to follow their favorite artists and make use of the related tracks suggested by SoundCloud itself for a better experience.

Apple Music Radio

To enjoy this 24/7 service, you don’t have to be a paid member of the Apple Music service. Instead you listen to all the radio stations like Beats 1, Bloomberg Radio, ESPN News and Sports on offer. And if you doubt the quality of artists on the service, the likes of Drake and Taylor Swift can be heard regularly.

This service can be used while surfing on the Apple Music app. The Radio icon at the bottom of the screen will allow you to choose a radio station based on the genre of your choice. With the live nature of this platform, there will always be something new to listen to.


One of the emerging online music communities, Jamendo offers a lot to its users given that it is free of cost to use. Whether it is streaming the songs or even downloading them using a third party application. You can easily find songs using the Discover option and there are a lot of radio stations you can listen to as well.

Even though Jamendo is not a mainstream service as of yet, more and more emerging artists are putting out their songs on this service. Fun fact: You can also search for songs from a particular instrument as well.


myTuner is for those who love to listen to podcasts. With over a million of them on offer and around 35000 radio stations registered in their database, it is a must-have for music lovers. And to denote the credibility, myTuner boasts of BBC Radio 1, Capital, Classic FM, Magic, Heart, Kiss and loads of other stations.

With nearly 4 million active users using the service, there is no dearth of new content being submitted by broadcasters as well.

Amazon Prime Music

This works only if you are a member of Amazon Prime already. For the members, the Amazon Prime Music is absolutely free of cost so why not take advantage. The app is free on the AppStore and you can log in to the app from the Amazon ID you are currently using.

Simple and sweet, the app lets you browse over two million songs in its library. It has a slick UI and the option of curating your own songs into different playlists.