Stay Connected with Customers via Bulk SMS Marketing

Let us start the topic with the part that decides the rules and regulations that are to be followed in certain region. So we being here in our country i.e. INDIA, must know that there are 2 delivery routes into India which are Promotional & Transactional.

1. Promotional

The default route for messages is the Promotional Route which means that the messages will only be delivered between 9am – 9m under the Indian Regulations. It also states that no message will be delivered to the customers who are registered on the official ‘Do Not Disturb’ (DND) list. This list is open for anyone to register for. There are a number of people who have them registered on this list, and hence they do not receive the promotional messages.

2. Transactional

Coming to the Transactional Route, it does not have a limit on time of the day, and also it does not have a DND check for the delivery of the messages. But, this route is available for selection only if the message is truly transactional which means that the user is expecting a message as such. For example, sending PIN codes, the confirmation messages of ATM transactions, use of credit cards, updates regarding delivery of materials, fall into this category. The point to note is that the marketing material and the messages that are unsolicited would not have allowance for this. Only if one has a pre-registered template of a message, they can use this route.

Bulk SMS

When we mention this term, a lot of basic questions come to our mind, few of the most common:

1. What it is?
2. Who should use it?
3. Why should we use it?
4. When should we use it?
5. Let’s get started.

WHAT – Bulk SMS is a Marketing Channel, which should actually be an inseparable part of any Mobile Marketing Strategy because it is very Useful and Effective. It tends to achieve genuine success in the mobile world in today’s date.

Clearly, the dissemination of large number of SMS messages for the mobile phone terminals is referred to as Bulk SMS.

WHO – A number of Media Companies, Banks, and Enterprises are using it for marketing and fraud control. Consumer brands also use it for various purposes like entertainment and mobile marketing. It is also used by other agencies like the ones for Travel, Healthcare and Major Airlines.

WHY – Its commonly used for marketing and reminders inclusive of alerts. It is a major source of communication and information sharing between the staff and the customers. Bulk SMS are also used for Safety Checks (e.g. Password Confirmation) and News.

WHEN: When one needs to uplift the marketing of the company and maintain the advantage within the industry, one must take help of Bulk SMS.

Bulk SMS is also mentioned as Bulk Text Messaging, Bulk Messaging, Business SMS, Text Message Marketing or SMS Software at different instances. Smart use of Bulk SMS provides with a Perfect Business Pitch.

We are all aware how the mobile phones are ruling the Digital World, and what comes with this is the focus on marketing through mobile. This can be done by Strategic Marketing planning considering the mobile-focused marketing as the focal point.

How is it so Effective?

SMS services have proved to be one of the most potent and effective marketing as well as sales tool. This is why, when we discuss abet Mobile Marketing, we should mention SMS Marketing in particular. The little information that is delivered to the mobile phones through SMS have a high open rate which usually hits up to 98% and that too within a couple of minutes. Till date, no other marketing tool has been able to achieve this high efficiency rate. So, this very reason makes Mobile Marketing the most operative way to deliver the business messages to the prospects. Despite of the significant advancement of the mobile technology and multiple offers of new age solutions, SMS Marketing is an Old Gold, and hence, always stays in trend. As per the recent studies and statistics, 96% of Smartphone users still text using SMS service. This clearly states how important SMS messaging is to the users. Thus, the savvy digital marketers would not ignore SMS marketing at all.

Customer Relationships

The fast and cost-effective nature of Bulk SMS improves the marketing and eases the customer communication. Being permission based which is optional, it builds a meaningful conversation and customers also appreciate it. Scalable results can be driven by building relationships which depends on the delivery system. It is very helpful for the first time entrepreneurs as it is purpose-built, so it helps in reaching the right prospects when complex purchase process takes place. It also empowers the business for creating endless opportunities by well-targeted exposure which is strategic. It also enables the users to communicate internationally. This makes it one of the best solutions for aiming business reach, both locally and globally.

WHY, WHO, HOW should one use Bulk SMS?

All the agencies, be it the banks or the news companies, they need some potent way to deliver their messages to the users. They have a large user base and he clients that need to be delivered a certain information at once. Email marketing is also noted as a very efficient ways to reach the public, but the fact is that its opening rate is very low. Only a small number of people actually read the mails. This risk is also connected with SMS Marketing, but factually, it does not bring a failure here because firstly, it works without an internet connection and secondly, it is delivered directly to the gadget that they’re regularly using.

Using this service, one can lead through sales funnel to reach macro conversions or the micro engagements, depending on the business type and goals. It is a fruitful platform for organizing Mobile Marketing Campaigns. This helps one to raise additional revenues and make people stick to a certain brand. Other major uses are organizing Engaging winning games, interesting voting campaigns or Q&A sessions.

Who else? The ones that need to improve user satisfaction can use Bulk SMS, like the Schools can use it to quickly communicate with parents and teachers; Hotels & Restaurants can use it to send special invitations and offers. Also the Theatres, Art Galleries, Cinemas and Publishers can use it to announce the offers and updates.


Let us now discuss some basic and major examples of how Bulk SMS system can be used to add value to your clients.

Sending Reminders – The customers are regularly moving, and this makes one need a fast system for the information from the service firms that they’re connected with. Reminders help you improve the customer’s perception of your company.

Boost Sales – Marketing of the new products and the services, if done directly through the SMS System, hikes the purchase rate.

Keep up-to Date – It is necessary to keep the local customers updated, so that they stay in loop and feel important.

Send Alerts – Whenever required, the client must be sent an alert regarding any of the services he’s availing, which could either be the withdrawal of cash from one’s account to te delay of one’s product delivery. This is an appreciative move as well as it prevents the misunderstandings.


Moving to the end, one point that needs to be brought to notice is that the Bulk SMS Service is not limited by the size of business. This method of Mass texting service can be used by any kind of company that deals with a number of people. So, haven’t tried yet? Then, you must, as this type of communication will definitely be effective and will ease your interaction.