Lucky Patcher for Games, Watching Videos and listening Musics

Do you love to play games, watching videos and listening music only? Of course, yes. But this delight in no time turns into boredom & frustrations when unnecessary ads ruin the pleasure altogether. What if you get a permanent solution to all these issues? That would be great right? By weaving your pleasure in watching YouTube videos, listening music or doing the thing alike, here is a solid solution, i.e. Lucky Patcher. Not only this, Lucky Patcher is all here to crack difficult level & help you in getting high scores too by assisting you in hacking the game you like the most.

There is a common misconception in the minds of people that Lucky Patcher is for Android only. Very few people know about its PC version and the functionality that benefit the user on a PC too. So, you can get benefited from it on your computer system as well. Your number of works get simplified by downloading Lucky Patcher for PC, which will get clearer about its features:

Special features of the Software

  • You can now patch any app of your choice on your system with the help of Lucky Patcher.
  • It can easily remove license verification.
  • It analyses deeply every app that you downloads on the system and informs you immediately if any app can create hassle with ads.
  • Lucky Patcher easily hides the interrupting and time-consuming ads, and help you in smooth functioning of operations.
  • Lucky Patcher gives you security by backing-up all the apps in the file manager, for convenient & proper storage, which you can use later too.
  • You can use the pro version of many apps through a shortcut procedure, without paying anything in return. So, it has become now easy to have a brilliant experience of even paid apps on the device.

Are you facing problem in fetching your favorite app?

Sometimes it happens that you want to download an app, but that’s not free. Although many apps you may get that are absolutely free, but some are paid ones. The paid apps always complement amazing features and have provision too. However, there is a solution with which you can get paid apps absolutely free. Yes, you hear it completely right.

How To Hack In-App Purchases With Lucky Patcher?

Lucky Patcher is the best solution which will help you in hacking that app, which is available in paid version only. So you can use it freely without paying a single penny. We are bringing two methods to help you out. Just follow these steps and get those apps on your device:

1st Method

First of all, install Lucky Patcher APK. After its installation, grant the root access.

Now for a while either close down Lucky Patcher or minimize it. Open that app which is either paid one or provision.

In this app, go through the purchase section and do a click on the provision or buy or something related to this written in that app.

After the click, you will see that automatically Lucky Patcher window will appear. In that pop-up, you will get an option where one question will be asked of you to try this particular app for free. Here just choose the option ‘Yes’. If you are a non-rooted user, then click ‘send a reply to the application’.

Finally, you have got your app hacked for absolutely free. The paid version will start getting downloaded if that app is supportive enough. Also, if you want to just unlock a feature, then that will also get unlocked.

2nd Method

After installation of Lucky Patcher, just open it. Now search out that app which is available unpaid version & you want to get in free.

If that is available here, then you will get written below that app, ‘In-app purchases found’.

After it, do a tap on the app have a long press on it. Here click on the option, ‘Open menu of patches’.

For LVL emulation or In-app, just choose ‘Support patch’.

Choose here ‘apply’. After it, wait for getting it completed.

Now the system will reboot.

You have done with it. The paid version for absolutely free is available for your device now.