Best WordPress plugins to Optimize Pagespeed & Performance

Indexing in Google depends upon various factors. From them one of the major criteria is pagespeed (Page Loading Speed). If your web page takes takes time to load then there is maximum possibility that Google will block indexing. To check your web pagespeed Google provides an awesome tool “Google Pagespeed Insights”. Using this tool you can easily track your pagespeed. While checking pagespeed using this tool keep remember red color stands for non-optimized web pages. While yellow color say your page is partially optimized. If you are watching green then your web page is well optimized. To do optimize a WordPress site there are many WordPress plugins are available freely. Let us share best WordPress plugins to optimize your site pagespeed & performance.

Refer to my blogging Career I can say it’s not an easy job to get indexed in Google. More than lakhs of bloggers working day and night to compete each other. In this rush to maintain clarity Google algorithms are very strict about their policies. Whether by knowingly or unknowingly if your site is passing through black hated SEO techniques immediately Google starts DE-indexing. As you know depending upon the number of pages indexed in Google Traffic & ROI varies.

Recently I worked to improve pagespeed of my WordPress site. To make your journey easier here in below I am sharing the techniques I followed. Before discuss more about pagespeed optimization technique first let you know never ever try to optimize your WordPress site manually. Always prefer to use plugins.


As you know the minified version of JS, CSS and HTML files reduces loading time. During you check your pagespeed in Google Pagespeed Insights tool if it shows you the message that your JS or CSS files are not optimized with minified version then go-ahead and install Autoptimize WordPress plugin.

Autoptimize WordPress plugin helps to compress your HTML, CSS and JS files. Which saves bandwidth & reduces page loading time. Additionally this plugin adds expires header & caches them. It also minifies HTML files which results to optimize pagespeed. To install this plugin in your WordPress site you can download this from the below link.

Download From

WP Smush

In the matter of pagespeed optimization images takes major role. If your site contains images I would like to suggest you to install “WP Smush – Image Optimization” plugin. This plugin works brilliant. It automatically detects all the images from your media library and reduces images size without affecting quality of images. Which results better pagespeed & performance. This plugin is available freely. You can download this from the below link.

Download From

Additional WP Smush plugin developers commits the paid version of this plugin can reduce the image size by 10 times more then the free version. For this optimization technique I would like to suggest you for paid version.

Use Google Libraries

If your WordPress theme is using third party libraries like Jquery, Dojo or BootStrap it is advisable to install “Use Google Libraries”. Rather fetching the above libraries files locally Google CDN links reduces page loading time. While Client Browser request the page for first time this plugin helps to optimize pagespeed & performance. You can download this plugin from the below link.

Download From

W3 Total Cache

Catching is a very good technique to optimize performance of a web page. Rather loading resources directly from physical path it is much better to load them from Cache. Among many Cache plugin “W3 Total Cache” is one of the best WordPress plugin. This plugin not only Caches HTML page but also it allow facility to Cache objects, database and browser. W3 Total Cache improves the user experience of your site by increasing server performance, reducing the download times and providing transparent content delivery network (CDN) integration.

Download From

Google Pagespeed Insights

This plugin helps to observe pagespeed in-side WordPress admin panel. If you site contains large number of links practically it is a time consuming job to check each page individually using Google Pagespeed Insights link. The major advantages of using this plugin is it shows top optimize pages and less optimize pages lists. From here you can easily observe which pages are take more time to load. To download this plugin you use the following link.

Download From

Download & Update Optimized Files

After installing all the above plugins I can say now your WordPress site is well optimized. Still if there are some Images or JS or CSS files not optimized using the above plugins you can download the optimized version of those files from Google Pagespeed Insights tool and upload them manually.