A must in Trousseau

Someone rightly said “No one can ever steal the glow of gold”!!

Since ages gold has been the integral part of every Indian wedding across the length and breadth of the country, irrespective of the tradition or state one belongs to. Of all the items gold occupies the prime most position. Without exclusions bridal Jewellery has gold necklace, matching earrings and Haram in the list.

Shopping nowadays has become more relaxing from the comfort our home. One can now pick jewelleryonlineby patiently browsing through websites. Simple search for Indian Bridal Jewellery Sets Online will throw up a number of sites.

What to see while choosing bridal Jewellery set online?

We all love to pick new things and especially when you are bridezilla the thrill of shopping is boundless. Wedding shoppingis always compelling and guiltfree, in order to help you brides choose from the best here are few bridal jewellery options from our suggestion kitty.

7 Necklace styles for your 7 holy steps

Cheesy Choker

A collar bone’s best friend, chokers are neck huggers that come in a single broad line decked in an array of bold designs. Chokers usually come in signature pieces and they do not have a designated design, hence they are unique in style. Chokers set perfectly with every attire i.e. from a lehanga to a saree. One can choose to wear it alone or match it with a haram.

Stylish Satlada

Satlada is usually called so as it has seven layers of chains running through to form a complete ornament, it is usually embellished in pearls, gemstones and runs through the length of the blouse giving a splendid bridal look. It stands out when worn with lehanga.

Magical Meenakari

The magic of Meenakari necklace on a bride is spell bounding. Coming from the realms of ancient India, they carry all the grace of time with them. Meenakari necklaces carry bold enamel colours on them. A bride can deck them up with any matching attire for a classic look.

Temple Jewellery

Temple Jewellery is South Indian weddings hot pick for the season. It is synonyms with tradition, when you style in grace and elegance adorning them, they get along with them the architectural marvel of Indian temples to your big day. Temple jewellery comes in antique finish with a tinge of modern variations. They go very well with Kanjeevaram sarees. One can find lavish and latest gold harams designs online which can be eiher recreated by your jeweller or can be shopped online directly. One can give a finishing touch by buying a Gold Oddiyanam Online and add to your poise by searching for Gold Vanki Designs.

Ravishing Rani Haar

Oozing royalty as the name suggests, Rani Haar comes straight from the Rajput Gharanas Kundan karigars. Imposing designs engulfed in Kundans, Polkis and semi-precious gemstones, Rani Haar come in both layered and short patterns. Whatever the length may be, adorning it would surely give you second glances. This necklace style stands Ideal for every bridal wear from a lehanga to a saree

Blissful Bib Necklace

The underdog of all the necklace styles, bib necklace looks plentiful for a bride, its shape represents the shape of a baby bib and hence the name. Their sheer size and broad shape would steal the glamour of the bride. A basic bib necklace covers the collar bones aptly. These are the most regular necklace that we get to see in the weddings.

Diamond Necklace

The unequivocal star among all the necklaces is the diamond necklace. A bride adorning a diamond necklace would look like a star studded night. A diamond necklace would be like bringing down the shimmer of the night to your wedding. A diamond necklace for women would be a perfect Trousseau in her jewellery chest as it can be matched with every attire from a wedding gown to a lehanga, from sarees to a fusion outfit. It is a great addition in every bride’s ode to new beginnings.