Inspect few of the popular lines of MBA Study in India (Flavors of MBA)

In today’s highly competitive job market, graduation alone is not enough to secure an employment offer. Hence, more and more people are opting do a postgraduate degree right after graduation. Master of Administration (MBA) is the most popular choice of post-graduation among fresh graduates as well as professionals with experience. Many people who become disillusioned with their graduation majors also choose to do an MBA in their field of interest. There are also many who pursue MBA for lucrative reasons. An MBA can provide considerable help in career advancement.

A management degree from a good business school provides the best shot for those who are gunning for top-level management positions. A graduate from any field of study is eligible to do an MBA. They also need to qualify entrance examinations like CAT/MAT/XAT/CMAT/GMAT etc. MBA is a very popular choice among those who wish to start their own business. An MBA can help individuals to develop the skills they need to become successful entrepreneurs. During the course of study, MBA aspirants develop communication skills, people skills, decision-making skills, risk-assessment skills, and much more through seminars, projects, group discussions and internships.

There are many specializations available in the MBA, which people can pursue according to their area of interest. Indian business schools offer more than 50 MBA specializations. Check out these MBA colleges in Chennai that offer comprehensive courses in many of these specializations.

Let’s inspect a few of the popular lines of MBA study in India:


Those who seek a career that deals with money need skills in mathematics, economics, and financial theory. A finance degree in MBA helps aspirants to develop all these essential skills. This specialization is appropriate for those who wish to dabble in corporate finance, asset management, credit risk management, hedge fund management, corporate banking etc.


Degree holders get a broad view of several business topics, which includes accounting, product development, and human resources. They get knowledge on issues of importance to management, such as how to motivate employees, organize teams, and troubleshoot productivity problems in the workplace. An MBA in leadership can advance the career aspirations of those who already hold a leadership position in their organization.


Marketing is integral to all businesses as it helps to gain visibility and connect with end users. Most businesses have in-house marketing teams that specialize in bringing customers to the company. In this current scenario, it is quite advantageous to have an MBA marketing degree.

Operations Management Course

An MBA in Operations Management is a multi-disciplinary course that focuses on planning, organizing and supervising in terms of production or provision of services. Operations management has a firm foundation in supply chain management and logistics. This degree helps in developing the requisite skill set for coordinating the work of a company.


A strategy MBA helps an aspirant to become a more creative and efficient leader. An MBA in Strategy is chiefly concerned with business theory which deals with factors that influence a company’s success or failure.

Education Leadership and Management – Educational institutions require efficient organizational management. This course is designed for experienced educators who wish to enhance their professional practice in a managerial direction.

Healthcare Management/Hospital Administration

These are the two management specializations available in the health sector. This course is appropriate for those who have pursued MBBS course or BDS Course and wishes to move to the management arena.