Tricks behind the Success of Dance Choreography Career

Never did I hear any parent tell his child to grow up becoming a choreographer. Rather no parent asks his kids to become a DJ, RJ, Event organizer, etc either. The reason is simple. Conventional careers like that of a doctor or an engineer have something called security which that of a choreographer doesn’t. You are either on the top or it isn’t a Dance Choreography Career at all. I should be sure that the following tips would help a great deal.

Free your mind

Before becoming a choreographer, you need to be a great dancer. And before becoming a great dancer, you need to be a free minded person who can swoop to the tunes of music. So start it one by one. Cut negative people from your life. Start loving yourself. Build confidence. Be optimistic. Then switch on your favorite music and dance. Forget who watches and who judges. And don’t even bother about your steps at this stage. Just dance to free your mind. This is when dance becomes your passion rather than a potential profession.

Watch dance specific songs

Whatsoever the theme of the song, make sure it has some dance to it so you could get to learn from the moves. Remember that a successful choreographer will make his own moves rather than copying them. So why watch someone else’s moves? The reason is simple- fake it till you make it. The main point is that you need to learn to enjoy dance as well as being in a state where your senses are concentrated on a dance positive culture. You can surely make your own steps or even your own form later on-wards.

Work for an academy before starting your own venture

Dance is an art and not a science. It doesn’t have a definition and the only way one can master it is through practice. Thus, starting your own venture right away won’t be such a great idea. You need to understand the art as well as the industry. So, join a reputable dance coaching center as a trainer.

Learn English

Very important. As a choreographer, your clientele would be quite different from that of a tutor or a musician or even a doctor. As of present, most of those interested in dance are from the upper horizons of the society. They would not even prefer to learn from someone who doesn’t appear to have their type of mindset and speak their language. Conversation in your mother tongue is a sure shot put off for such people. Thus, if you want to be successful in the field, you need to learn English and that too fluent.

Be humorous

As mentioned in the first point, the key to becoming a great dancer is to free your mind. So once you are a choreographer, you need to use the same trick for your students. Be humorous and make them laugh. Make them comfortable so they could free their heads. This would also get them respect you more. Once this is done, they are sure to enjoy dance more and learn quicker.

Upload videos of your dance

Welcome to the new age of fame where everyone has a chance to show his talent. All thanks to blogging. Uploading your videos on YouTube can be an instant fame of your talent. Rather, should it be good enough, it is sure to go viral. Most of those really famous choreographers started with their first video on YouTube rather than some channel.

Choreograph for reality shows

A newbie choreographer can never make it to that Shiamak Davar level but you can at least get seen by millions. Eg. We still know a few choreographers from ‘Dance India Dance’ and related shows. And many audience would actually like to contact you just to learn the steps your participants show on the television. A decent pay would be over and above the little fame you get here.

Make your personal blog

This is something every self employed professional should do. Making a personal blog would let people check what all you are exactly working on. Means which dance forms? How? What rates? Furthermore, that’s where you could make a database of your dance videos.

Be approachable and show your contacts properly

After doing all the above, you are sure to get many clients. Means, you have your videos on YouTube, you choreograph people who can be seen, you have an online presence, etc. The only reason you might be left behind is that people might not get a channel to contact you. So, make you contact details clear on show as well as online.