7 best Job Search Portals to Get you Easily Hired

Searching for Full Time Jobs the moment you have finished your studies or even before is the responsibility that everyone faces in life. One needs a site that caters to Job Vacancies of all categories at all levels. Here is a review of the top Job Websites in India.


The good feature of the Just. Jobs portal is that it is a Job Portal that is completely free for jobseekers. It has plenty of entry-level jobs, a secure platform, a fantastic Customer Support, and fully guaranteed for satisfaction to Find Jobs near me or at an all-India level. Most of the fresh students use this app to find Jobs in India because it is completely free.

They provide the app for the smartphone so you are able to get news of your Jobs in Bangalore for Freshers over your smartphone as soon as it is announced. This makes all the difference because those who apply early get the job.


Though there are many Jobs for Freshers postings and candidates get a call for interview when they submit their resumes, by and large, the take on this website is that it is not worth it if you do not have the top ranking marks or you qualified from a not-so-good university, you will have to wait for a long time. The people who appeared here say that sometimes they ask for money and naturally they refused. If you wait for more than six months, they will reject your Job Openings application and you will have to apply again. Also, the company is not accredited. You have to buy Monster Resume search and then also you only get one or two Job Search profiles. Most other job portals give at least 50 job calls.


If you are a fresher, just out of school or college, it will be tempting to apply all over the place for the Latest Job to begin earning. That is all good but first read about the website and then applies for the Latest Vacancy by submitting your application with your resume. But, they say that not all who apply for Accounting Jobs are able to get the job opening they need. In many cases, they apply for Accountant Jobs in Delhi and they get the Accountant Jobs in Bangalore or Accountant Jobs in Mumbai. While this may not be a problem for fresh students who have no job experience, it is not so well-liked by the more experienced candidates. Then, there is the complaint from those who applied for Jobs in India posting that they did not delete the account when requested to leading to suspicion that they are selling the data to other companies. In india Naukri.com is among the best Job Search Portals.


This is also a Free Job Posting site with options to go in for a paid package costing ₹599. Since there are usually more than a hundred candidates called even for a Peon Job, even if you have a paid package, it will not make much difference. But, there are many who get selected so it is worth it to give it a try. There is a complaint that they show the same companies every month and the same Teaching Jobs in Mumbai or the Office Boy Job In Mumbai openings, but the vacancy must be there so that is why they announce the job-call. Freshersworld is a consistent hirer and is becoming a top Job Portal for those who are seeking to establish their career.

Placement India

Placement India shows good promise as a Job Site portal but there is the usual list of complaints. Those who were not careful with their money got cheated. If you register on the site, they will update you on the vacancies such as Jobs in Mumbai for Freshers so you can apply.


Shine is a reliable job site with good placement records for all kinds of jobs from Teaching Jobs in Delhi to Data Entry Jobs in Mumbai to BPO Jobs in Bangalore. One must be careful not to give money to anyone who asks. For instance, if they ask you ₹6000 for registration, do not give it.

Job Sarkari

This is a top Naukri Search website that keeps you posted on all the top government jobs available in the country. You can see openings for Teaching Jobs in Bangalore, Indian Navy Recruitment 2019, and Clerk Recruitment.

To find your next job, visit any of the above Job Search site and find jobs for free!