Benefits of doing Job in a CMM Level Company

Do remember Job & Job satisfaction matters in living. Today in a metro you can locate more thousand IT Companies. Compare to other industries it is very easy to start an IT Company. The major assets we required to start an IT Company are a rented house, internet & Computers. According to my experience I can say IT Companies are 3 types A, B & C. A class IT Companies are Level (CMM 5/4/3) Companies (more then 5000 employees) like Infosys, Wipro or Capgemini. B Class IT Companies are middle class Companies (more then 15 to 200 or above employees) those are really fighting to survive & grow. Some of them are ISO certified & some of them are in queue to achieve CMM Level 3. Remaining are C Class IT Companies with manpower less then 15.

In Career if you are a Fresher it is difficult to understood the above difference with work culture. But if you are an experienced professional worked for level companies & suddenly switch over to a small company you can understood the difference well. To help freshers those are unknown about the benefits to work in a process oriented company I feel free to share this session.

IT Employees are Royal Employees

Software Development is not a one day job. To design a successful software we have to pass through many phases. Planning & proper time management is must required to run a successful IT Company. I believe IT employees are royal engineers. They need to work cool. Engineering is not job to move faster then the planning. It happens in small IT Companies. The result we fetch overload, unwanted pressures & failure commitments.

Keep remember 8 hours are working hours

Always stay conscious about your in & out time. Don’t ever forget to punch your access card. It’s very true for what ever company you are working you & the company has an contract for 8 hours to work in a day. As a responsive employee I am not saying to work extra hours but by looking to your family & friends it is better if extra working hours are occasional. Leaving office in out time is a professional behavior. In this matter small companies are taking unwanted advantages.

Job satisfaction & working Culture

To grow in Career job satisfaction creates ladder. Doing job without job satisfaction is an unhealthy career movement. How much salary you are getting it’s not matter give first priority to job satisfaction. If you are working in a C level Company check again are you rich with job satisfaction.

Working Culture is the key which brings job satisfaction. Let’s take a case study that you are a web professional. Your skills are HTML, CSS, JQUERY & JAVASCRIPT. He is a smart employee who delivers daily work in regular basis. If you are not rendering proper output every day after few days inferiority complex will hit you. I don’t think as a professional you are not eligible to render your deliverable if your assignments are from HTML, CSS, JQUERY & JAVASCRIPT. Yap it matters if the skills are different. Always keep remember in your job if you are assigned to work in a new technology request your employer for a training session or take time to learn the skill well. Generally this culture not happens in Small Companies.


Compare to level Companies unregistered Farms are incapable to provide you all employee benefits. You may noticed if you are working in a A or B level company you have Provident Fund (PF), Gratuity, Insurance, Yearly bonus & Performance bonus. But in-case of a C level company think these are dream facilities.

Banks & Financial Problems

How much your earned it’s not matter. Some day in life every individual has financial problems. Generally for a salaried employee to recover from financial problems bank loans are very useful. Stay aware if you are working in a non-registered company it’s difficult to get a loan from the bank. Many C level companies are here those are even not providing salary slip to their employees. Level companies are very particular about their salary release but in a C level companies you can’t faith on the date of Salary release. Some time this affects our commitments to pay an EMI or to run our family expenses.

Job Security

During you are working for a small company ask your-self is you are having Job Security. I mean in-case of a minor failure do you think your employer will keep you in job. If some thing will go wrong is your employer will provide you sufficient time before leave them. Job security matter much more then a job. Think once in your planned living if you will get suddenly release from your employer how you will manage your day today life style.