Pros and Cons of working as a Freelance Transcriber

Every profession comes with its own merits and demerits. If you are a full time professional in any of the organisation it can help you to make a lot of money but, on the other hand, you might really not have enough time to enjoy your life with your loved ones.

No matter how much ever one refuses to accept it, every merit comes with a demerit in the areas of job opportunities. When a lot of people speak about the advantages of becoming a freelance transcriber, on the contrary, there are a lot of downfalls that are associated with this profession.

Pros and Cons of a Freelance Transcriber job

Knowing both the pros and cons of a particular profession would help you to make wise decisions when you are planning to choose freelance transcription jobs from Dormzi or any other platform. The points mentioned below are the process that you can find when you become a transcriber.

1. Flexibility in working hours

This is probably one of the most important reasons as to why a lot of people choose to become transcribers. Many individuals do not like to stick to a particular time because they might have to attend to several other things. Such people choose transcription asit is one of the fields that it gives complete liberty and also helps them to meet their financial ends easily.

2. Independence (be your own boss)

Being independent and becoming your own boss are the two main reasons as to why a lot of people choose to become freelance transcribers. It is quite evident that a person quits a job mainly because of the people that they are surrounded by.

At times it becomes extremely difficult for people to handle people and their issues. When you choose the life of a freelance transcriber, you do not have to deal with the ego issues of any others as you would be an individual contributor and you can enjoy your Independence to its maximum.

3. Extra source of Income for friends and family

By becoming a freelance transcriber, you can actually start generating your own parallel source of income. You do not have to be dependent upon your spouse or anybody else. When there is a possibility for you to enjoy financial freedom, it is good to choose to become a freelance transcriber.

4. You get to pick your own Assignments

Depending upon your schedule, you can prioritise on the number of assignments that you would want to work upon when you choose to become a freelance transcriber. There would be no pressure on you to work on the assignments as it would happen when you are employed by any of the organisation.

We have seen some of the most important processes that are linked with the transcription world. As already mentioned, even the transcribers do go through certain disadvantages when they choose this profession. Let us quickly learn more about the consof being a transcriptionist.

5. Time Management Skills

When you become a freelance transcriber, you would start losing out on your time management skills at one point. It can become extremely difficult for you to juggle between your chores and the work that you have taken. When you fail to handle both the things properly, the project is going to suffer, and you might immediately lose the client.

6. No Job Security

Although there are an umpteen number of opportunities in the areas of freelance transcription, there is certainly no guarantee on the job status. It becomes an individual’s responsibility to be proactive and start building on the projects. Almost all the job opportunities that are posted in the transcription websites are short-lived.

7. Issues with Payments

Since there is no legal contract between the client and the employer, the world of freelancing becomes quite a vulnerable sector to work with. As there is no guarantee on the job that you are assigned with, similarly the payments can be delayed too. There are a lot of freelance transcribers that would have worked on an assignment without getting paid too.

The client is completely in control of the work that you are assigned with, and they can also take a radical decision of terminating your services even without prior notice. This is one of the major drawbacks that you must look into when you choose to become a freelance transcriptionist.

8. Absolutely no Support System

Whether you have any issue right at the start of the project or in between the assignment, it is your responsibility to get it sorted. The only support that you can find is the client. A majority of the clients would include an instruction list during the project assignment. Once the instruction list is handed over to a freelance transcriber, the client would not be present to clarify any of your doubts, and this can become a major problem.

We have written some of the most important pros and cons related to the field of freelance transcription. By knowing both these things, you would be able to gauge your calibre and make a decision while choosing the profession.