Skills you needed to become a good Software Engineer

IT job is a Royal Job. As a wise IT professional during working hours you needed to behave like a professional. To be a successful Software Engineer including your technical skills you required many other factors to learn. Starting from attitude to punctuality you have to stay conscious. Generally for IT freshers in this session we are presenting few quality which you required to have a successful journey.

Maintain Punctuality

Developing a successful software is Expensive & Time Consuming job. Who invests to develop Software we called him Customer. While a Customer invests he/she expects results before the per-defined timeline. As you know to develop a Software we pass through chain of processes. In this chain in case you are breaking one node it affects the entire hierarchy. So punctuality matters.

A Software Engineer resides in the ground floor of project management triangle. Mistakes from baseline disturbs top management planning. Assume that you are committed to deliver a job in next 3 working days. Here depending upon your commitment your project manager committed the same to the higher management. Similarly the high management committed to the Customer. In case you are unable to deliver the things before 3 days. It indirectly affects Customer relationship.

Today to develop a Software we do follow various methodologies. In this rush while a project manager assigning a task to you, he/she defines a timeline for delivery. Good software engineers always obey the timeline. Meeting deadline is a key skill of successful Software Engineer.

One more thing I need to discuss about punctuality is your in & out time. Depending upon your Corporate policy always maintain the minimum working hours. It’s better if you working hour exceeds than the expectation. During a Team meeting reach the meeting hall at least before 10 minutes. Reaching late in meeting is an offense to others.

Be dedicated to your Job

Dedication brings success in Career. While working for a Corporate stay dedicated to your employer. Never ever think to cheat your employer. In case you found anywhere you are lacking to meet your commitments, openly discuss the problems why you are unable to meet your commitments. If required work with the team to find out a suitable solution. To be a successful Software Engineer during your duty hours try to render best productive hours.

Improve your Technical Skills, Keep Learning

Technologies updates regularly. To develop high quality Software’s it’s mandatory for you to stay updated with latest updates. Keep zeal for learning new technologies. During your free time visit various technical forums or websites. Learn several articles related to latest Technologies. Practice makes a man perfect. In this regard to be a successful Software Engineer during your free time zone research & Create demo apps related to your Domain or Skills. This habits brings confidence to your programming Skills.

Attain Training’s & Seminars

To learn quicker Corporate Training’s are very effective. If you have opportunity to attend training program never ever miss them. During training keep focus on trainer. In case you have any queries to clarify, clarify them during training. At the end of training ask the trainer to share training materials with you. Later after 2 to 3 days review Training materials once or twice. This attitude helps to gain better knowledge from training. If during training trainer shared you assignments in priority solve them.

Be a good decision maker

Taking correct decision is a key quality of a Software Engineer. It always wise before final a decision think 10 times from various angles. If required to have a major decision take the help of your teammates or boss. Don’t ever fluctuate during decision making. Once you decided a plan unless until sufficient business reason never change your decision. Fluctuate decision makers are less honored in Industry.

Maintain Good relationship

To grow in your Career good relationship is the key. Starting from your project manager to boss keep good relationship with them. Good relationship helps during Critical stages. Assume you are unable to solve some programming problem at your desk. Here if you have good friend circle then you can take helps from others. Similarly during financial crises good relationship with colleagues helps to maintain stability.

Develop Quality Codes

In industry we do major investment to develop Codes only. To be a successful Software Engineer it’s mandatory to develop quality Codes. While developing Codes it is a good practice to follow universal Coding standard. Always keep your Codes neat and clean. Maintain proper tabbing and space between the line of Codes. During you implement a block of complex solution feel free to write proper comments. Comment helps to save time during code review. To improve performance during programming think like a compiler. While implementing complex logic’s reduce complexity as much as possible. Developing an error free software is a challenging job. To be a successful Software Engineer it’s a good practice to handle errors during programming.

Use the power of Tools

Rather than doing manually always prefer to use the power of tools. Habit to use tools save time and reduces chance of errors. Depending upon your primary Skills choose suitable programmers friendly tools. Many third party vendors are working day & night to develop various useful tools. Do search them in Google and try the demo version to know the advantages. To know user friendly tools discussion with friends & Colleagues helps better. During your free time keep discuss your work culture with your friends and colleagues. Which brings idea about better productivity.