The key Difference between Shared vs WordPress Hosting

Web hosting is the most essential part of online business. It is very simple to understand that without proper hosting, you will fail to have a proper website. Thus, it is very important for you to take your time and choose the right web hosting package as per your needs and budget. In your search for the ultimate web hosting package, you will come across several options. These include VPS, running a dedicated server managed hosting and shared hosting. However, two of the most commonly used web hosting options are shared vs WordPress hosting.

What is WordPress Hosting?

Most commonly termed as managed WordPress hosting, it is basically designed to cater to the needs of WordPress websites. There are several advantages of WordPress hosting. These are listed below.

1. WordPress hosting is very fast. The server is feature packed to cater to every need of a WordPress setup. Hosting at this level can often lead to page load speed drops by almost a second or more.

2. Another advantage of WordPress hosting is its high level of security. It offers more individualized attention and increased security protocols. Even if your website gets hacked, a specialized team will come to your rescue who are specially trained in WordPress specific attacks.

3. WordPress hosting servers are always up to date. The latest software is always used to operate the server, which is the primary job of a team of experienced people. As long as the software is up to date, your website will automatically run smoothly.

What Is Shared Hosting?

If you have recently made a website and are not too sure whether to carry on with the site for long or not, then the best option for you would be shared hosting. However, if your future plans include improving the website and to expect tons of internet traffic, then it is always better to shift or upgrade to something better and more reliable. Servers which provide shared hosting usually have hundreds and thousands of other websites along with your site.

There is no surety about the security of the other websites on the same server. Thus, continuing on a shared hosting server for a long time may prove to be a risky proposition for you. It is also true that the resources available on a shared server will automatically get divided between all the websites on the same server. If one website experiences a heavy traffic, your website may also get hampered.