Amazing Tools that Help Students to Avoid Plagiarism

Avoiding plagiarism is part of every student’s life. If you are caught in the act, there are consequences that no one wants to deal with. Sometimes, it is easy to unintentionally plagiarise someone’s work. Finding a good paraphrasing tool online can rescue you several times. These tools are specifically created to help you either paraphrase your work or will indicate plagiarism issues. Most schools consider plagiarism a serious offence. You can either receive a low score on your work of no score at all. When you put a lot of work into a project, it can be devastating to receive the news that your work is plagiarised. Easily avoid this problem with one of these amazing tools.

Dupli Checker – By far the most used free plagiarism checker on the internet. It’s effective and does not leave you with much work when it is done. You also don’t need any experience to use this tool.

Paper Rater – Another popular plagiarism checker. Before you submit your work to proofreading services uk save yourself some time and run it through this tool.

Plagium – You can check around 5000 characters at ones on this tool. There are a lot of online resources that only allows you a certain amount of words per check. This is definitely a substantial amount of words to check at once.

Plag Scan – Have your work checked in various ways. Either copy and paste or upload it only this tool. From there, it’s as simple as pressing a button.

Plag Tracker – A lot of professional writers use this tool because it is accurate and fast. The report you receive will be two fold. First, you will see the plagiarised concern sentences. You will also receive a list of which sources should be cited.

Viper – This plagiarism checker covers all of the basis. Your work will go through 3 scans to make sure it is free of any plagiarism. It’s not just checked against web based information, but books and newspapers as well. – If you are struggling with paraphrasing when you don’t want to cite, this website is a great tool. When you have to google paraphrase it can be a tedious process. Leave it up to the experts at Quillbot.

Article Rewriter Tool – You can quickly and efficiently have your work paraphrased on this website. It is a simple copy and paste method that anyone can do. – This website has been around for a while, but is still growing in popularity. It’s uncomplicated and gives you accurate results.

SEO Magnifier – You can use this tool to paraphrase work for online of offline projects. Even though the name has SEO in it, you can effectively use it for your class projects.

Do you prefer plagiarism checkers or paraphrasers?

Some students do not like to cite their sources and would much rather paraphrase. You can find both these options in our list. It is important to learn the skill of paraphrasing. When you have to do a lot of research and rewrite content, it definitely comes in handy.