RSS feed based best Sidebar Widgets for WordPress Blogs

World knows WordPress is a popular CMS to develop your Own blog. In this platform there are several Widgets and Plugins are available for Free to use. Google loves more informative blogs. RSS feed based Widgets are the best Sidebar Widgets for WordPress blogs. To integrate third-party Widgets you can place PHP Codes or Can be done using various free plugins.

Here to make your Blog more attractive and content rich we are sharing 90+ regular updated xml feeds. You don’t need to worry about “How to fetch these feeds in your blog?”. In below Sharing the PHP Code with CSS Styles to made the integration easier. You can easily integrate this feeds to your Business Websites or Blogs. These Widgets are 100% Customizable and Free.

90+ XML Feeds for Sidebar Widgets

Our Timeline (regular updated feed)
– –
health care news
business bay
guide for travel
financial help
learn angularjs
birthday advisor
bitcoin adoption
blog board
bollywood news
lessons for kids
tips for women
cleaning hacks
coffee house
css code tutorials
heatlh related tips
digital marketing solutions
awesome recipes
online education
essay writing
fine lines wrinkles
for sports lovers
franchisee businesses
buy furniture online
gifts for love
blog posting services
link building
google helper
hair care solutions
health benefits
home decor
hot celebrities
instagram for business
insurance handbook
intersting stories
interior design
mutual funds
job interview tips
javascript examples
kineticjs examples
knee injuries
law and order
learn english
html5 examples
learn jquery
php demo apps
loan advisor
love dating
luxury watches
beauty tips
manage your stress
mental health
microsoft technologies
herbs home remedies
skincare tips
hot hollywood stars
novel for couples
signs of pregnancy
professional plumber
programming solutions
rakhi gifts
real estate
remedies for diabetes
seo training
sexual diseases
shopping tips
solution for men
interview questions
top stories
tourism in india
weight loss solutions
world of technologies

PHP Code to integrate our Feed

The below PHP Code will help you to integrate our Feeds to your platform. Depending upon the Categories you like, add those Feed URLs to the $feedurls array in below Code. Here you can Add 1 or n numbers of Feed URLs.


For a demo purpose here I added feeds urls like “Our Timeline”, “Healthcare News”, “Business Bay”, “Tips for Women”, “Love and Dating”, “Digital Marketing” and “Fashion”.

<?php $feedurls = array("", 
shuffle($feedurls); $rss_feed = simplexml_load_file($feedurls[0]);
<div id="onestopshop"><?php 
if (! empty($rss_feed)) { $i = 0;
    foreach ($rss_feed->channel->item as $feed_item) { if ($i >= 32) break; ?>
<div class="osclearfix"><div class="entryimg">
    <a target="_blank" href="<?php echo $feed_item->link; ?>"><?php echo array_slice(explode('<p>', $feed_item->description), 0, 20)[0] ?></a>
    <div class="entrytitle"><a target="_blank" href="<?php echo $feed_item->link; ?>"><?php echo $feed_item->title; ?></a></div>
    <div class="entrydescrip"><?php echo array_slice(explode('<p>', $feed_item->description), 0, 20)[1] ?></div>
<?php $i ++; }}?></div>

* In Widgets the links pointing to the Articles are Google Adsense friendly. Supporting 200+ Global Languages. Family Safe.

Can Customized using theme Style.css

To made Customization easier here we are with 3 CSS Classes “entryimg”, “entrytitle” and “entrydescrip”. #onestopshop Class stands for the primary div. entrytitle and entrydescrip used for Posts Title and Description look n feel.

#onestopshop{overflow-y:scroll;border:1px solid gray;
padding:10px;height:520px;width:calc(100% - 21px)}

Keep noted these Sidebar Widgets for WordPress are 100% resposive across any devices independent of resolution.

best Sidebar Widgets for WordPress

RSS feed based best Sidebar Widgets for WordPress Blogs

RSS feed based best Sidebar Widgets for WordPress Blogs

RSS feed based best Sidebar Widgets for WordPress Blogs

RSS feed based best Sidebar Widgets for WordPress Blogs

RSS feed based best Sidebar Widgets for WordPress Blogs

* during the integration in-case you are getting difficulties, feel free to drop a mail to us for further resolution.