AMP It Up: Top 10 Mobile Responsive WordPress Themes

Gone are the days of tangled ethernet cords, dial-up connections, and stationary desktops limiting the way we search for and receive information on the Internet. With the advent of mobile technology, more people are turning to their hand-held mini computer than their desktop or laptop, opting for convenience and portability over processing power. For the first time since the genesis of information-sharing on the World Wide Web, global mobile Internet usage eclipsed desktop usage, with 51.3% of all web browsing coming from mobile devices as compared to 48.7% of users accessing data from non-smartphone/tablet devices.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

With more people opting for touchscreens over keyboards, it’s no surprise that industry giants like Google and Twitter have created software to adapt to this user-driven change, looking to make page-loading times faster for mobile users. Other tech leaders like Facebook and Apple have sought to capitalize on the trend as well, making in-app changes like Instant Articles and Apple News appeal to their users with snappier, faster-loading content. However, the AMP Project (Accelerated Mobile Pages), Google’s open-source initiative to make the web better for all content publishers is an appealing alternative to top tech partners like the easily-accessible, extremely-user friendly website creation tool/content management system WordPress. With 27% of all web pages powered by this publishing system, these top ten AMP-friendly WordPress designs are used and seen by millions of users every day.

Chap- AMP-Ready Multi-Purpose Theme

This WordPress theme is perfect for both personal and business sites, perfect for anything from blogging to e-commerce. Reasonably priced, Chap offers a high level of customization (buttons, menus, headers, formats, etc.) in an easy-to- understand format for even non tech-savvy site managers. With Semantic UI, CSS content loads quickly and seamlessly on mobile devices, even with administrative one-click instant publishing.

Tasty AMP-Restaurant Template

Tasty is a blog template platform, designed with pre-built templates that are highly customizable. The simple, clean platform is built with mobile platforms in mind as site visitors will be able to book a reservation, leave a comment, view the menu, or browse content quickly and easily.

Teem AMP-Blogging Template

Looking for a theme with an easy-setup and low price? Teem is very inexpensive, costing publishers only $14 for its use. Similar to Tasty in design, yet it is made for blog-dedicated WordPress sites.

MobNews AMP-News Template

If you’re looking for an easy-to- use and build AMP-friendly WordPress theme designed for news publishing, MobNews is perfect. Created for startup e-news websites, this theme costs only $15 and is simple and uncluttered. Easily viewable traffic data and content management tools make this theme perfect for up-and- coming news organizations.

Publisher- Magazine, Blog, Newspaper, and Review WordPress Theme

This theme provides an extremely high level of customization for only $40. This platform is created for information-based sites, with an AMP-friendly setup for publishing an online blog, newspaper, or review. With drag-and- drop and 12 original templates, this theme can be structured entirely around the site manager’s media of choice, from photography to informal blogging.

Pinna AMP-Template

Pinna is the AMP-friendly solution for video blogs and artist portfolios. Coming in at under $15 this template is accessible on a freelancer’s budget and is accessible for newcomers to WordPress. With responsive grids, image lightbox, and video content support (without lag time) this is a great way to showcase your work in a highly-responsive setting.

Onfleek AMP-Ready Magazine Theme

For up-and- coming magazine creators, this $60 theme directs your appeal to a contemporary, urban demographic. Energetic and poppy, or stripped-down and minimalistic, this theme provides social media link-ups for automatic posting and customizable features like widgets and add-ons.

Medicals- Health and Care WordPress Theme

Medicals is designed with a professional slant, directed toward medical industry site publishers. Ideal for clinics, hospitals, and private practices with a pricetag of only $45, this theme is both clean and functional. The AMP-friendly features of the Revolution Slider and Visual Composer are excellent features for mobile site visitors.


While Kalium is not entirely AMP-friendly, it is extremely responsive and optimized for online-viewing. A creative theme with a wide variety of templates, Kalium is highly customizable and ideal for professional sites with features like automatic updating and drag-and- drop content. With Kalium, you can get your site up and running in minutes without sacrificing functionality.

X- Responsive WordPress Theme

Modern and readily-responsive, this AMP-friendly theme is designed for the knowledgable site developer who wants a high level of customization and control. With high-quality elements and the largest selection available of elemental web page inserts, X is optimized for both personalization and utility. The world of information technology is changing, and with Google’s AMP-driven content sharing platform the way we receive that data is changing as well. With more users than ever before powering off their computers and browsing on their mobiles, page-responsiveness and mobile-optimization will remain on an upward trend.