Key reasons to feel good about your Career Choice as a Surgical Technician

You have always wanted to become a surgical technician and now that you have checked out the best surgical tech schools and completed your training and certification in your state, you are ready to start your very first job in the field. It is common to start stressing over whether you have chosen the right occupation before getting your proverbial feet wet because you have realized just how important your duties as a surgical tech are in the world of healthcare. Stop right there! Don’t doubt your choice because there are at least 3 very good reasons why you have made a great career choice, which you can feel really good about.

1. A Personal Sense of Accomplishments

The first thing you should contemplate is the number of high school graduates who didn’t pursue a post-secondary education. You probably worked during your training and on top of all the theory and practical training you had to master, you had to hold down a job and still go on with everyday living. That, in itself, is a major accomplishment you can be proud of.

2. Working Within a Healthcare Support Career

Another issue which many recent graduates have is in thinking they aren’t going to make an impact within the field of medicine. They are sadly mistaken. Did you know that a surgical tech is involved in everything from soup to nuts in the operating room? They are not only responsible for sanitation and sterilization to ensure patients aren’t exposed to potentially life-threatening microorganisms, but they are also tasked with making sure everything the surgical team may need is at hand. From sterile instruments to suction equipment to gauzes and sanitary cloths, surgical techs must ensure everything is in its proper place and in an abundant amount.

3. Reassuring Patients in the Moments Just Before Surgery

One of the best feelings you’ll get is in being there for patients in those final moments before they are put under. You may be required to cleanse and shave the area around where the operation will be performed, and many patients need to talk. They suffer varying degrees of anxiety as to what comes next and will invariably begin asking questions. While you aren’t allowed to discuss diagnoses or outcomes, you can be there in the moments of their pre-op fears. You can be a calm and reassuring presence as you help prepare them for surgery. Do you remember what your mother always said? “It’s not what you say but how you say it.” Your calm reassurance helps them to relax, facing what comes next in a more positive frame of mind.

As for the pay grade, the BLS reported that as of November 2016, surgical techs earned an average of almost $46,000 annually. This data has probably already risen since the latest averages were compiled almost two years ago. If you are seeking a career that pays well, has better-than-average job availability,and one in which you are making a difference for surgical patients, you might want to explore surgical technician training for a ‘feel-good’ career. Once your trainings are finished, you can work in a hospital, or you can apply for a medical practice loan and open your own healthcare business.