Ways to impress your Girlfriend in College – Tips for Lovers

College days to office every where we can have a beautiful girl friend. In the age of love Girl friend is like a key to happiness. She help us to relax. She generate cute laughs together. I can say she is an ornament to romantic sensual. We all love to impress our Girl friends. A good girl friend can be a gift to life. So be careful when you are with your girl friend. Girl friend can change the career or even she can motivate us. There are few things you need to take care before you are with your girl friend.

1. Keep yourself fresh & clean. Take regular bath. Use deodorant & Sunscream lotion. Do remember physical appearance creates first impression. Most lovers starts love with beauty. Stay handsome & beautiful. Wear well professional dress coat. If spectacle looks better on you wear spectacle.

2. Normally 80% girls hate smoking in the age of college days. Prefer to not smoke in front of your girl friend. It creates bad impression. Smoking is also harmful for your beautiful lips. To stay more young & dynamic stop smoking.

3. Do remember her birthday or else keep a note. Try to wish her first. If possible you can wish her at 12 pm. With phonetic wishes give beautiful gifts. Girls are more seek towards gifts. It helps to make her recall you & your memorable moments.

4. Celebrate Valentines Day. Do lunch in a quality restaurant. If you have opportunity for dinner prefer dinner in place of lunch. Gift her some lovely gifts with a beautiful Valentines card.

5. Monthly at least twice give her quality chocolates. If she loves to eat in front of you its OK. Else don’t pressure her to eat instantly. Mostly at bed time girls love to watch the gifts & chocolates. More time she thought you love will grow more.