Using Contouring or Primer like 5 Makeup ideas to Look 10 years Younger

Makeup is necessary for an individual girl of every age. The era has modernized, and the trends have changed. Nowadays you need to do makeup all the times. The consciousness of facial expression has increased a lot. But the biggest hurdle between a girl and her makeover is the shortage of time. The time of every female of different age is being consumed a lot. A teen girl has to do all of her homework, study at the school for eight to nine hours and do several other activities. This makes her very busy to look for her face and skin. The awareness of skin protection is very important to be known from your young age so that you can spend much time having a smooth skin in future. College girls are the girls who require makeover a lot, but due to their busy schedule, they do not have time to look for themselves. They need to study to achieve their goals in the future, and some girls even do part-time jobs. But working women are the women who sacrifice for their family and kids. They need to work hard to earn money so that they can facilitate their family. Nowadays women have to work with men to remain according to time. Working women have to work to earn revenue, and they have to even act as housewives for the betterment of their family. This makes them consider makeover as a distraction and wastage of time. But due to the increased intensity of work women look older earlier than their ages. To avoid this, there are five makeup tricks. These tricks can make you look ten years younger.

1. Contouring

Contouring is an up to date makeup tricks for getting younger. Contouring helps us slowly have the structure of our face we want. It edits our previous expression and helps us get a much better one. In this trick you can customize your looks and make them brighter and bolder. Contouring has very few disadvantages as it is skin friendly.

2. Curling the lashes

You can curl your lashes with the common hair dryer. Eyelashes are expensive, and sometimes they don’t even suit you. In this method, you can use a hair dryer to warm your eyelashes. After warming them, let them cool. They would become in a curl shape, and due to the energy provided, they would last longer. This affect created can make you look younger.

3. Usage of tissue for lipstick

This technique is done to make your lips look more attractive with a lighter colour and to make your lipstick last for longer in the same form. Before the use of lipstick, you must coat it with a tissue. Start doing the lip sticking upon the tissues with contact with your lips. Complete the lip sticking and you will notice better colour and better period.

4. Best tube mascara

This tubing mascara is cheap and extremely efficient. Best tube mascara is mascara with better colour and better long lasting effect. This mascara is easy to use and can make your eyes look more attractive.

5. Primer

Primer is an accessory to be used before adding foundation to your skin. It will avoid the skin hazards caused by powder or foundation to avoid an old skin.

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