What Women want in a Man? – Tips to impress a beautiful Women

The first reference of mankind on earth starts with mention of Adam and Eve. Adam did not need to read any treatise on winning over Eve. He had his own way and destiny. When the two souls, multiplied into more, the concept of dating and winning in a love affair, must have started. When the Homo sapiens, went through repetitive multiplications, a present day world family of grand 7 billion came into existence. Nature has transfixed the instinct of procreation into the minds of all living beings, humans included. Humans through evolutionary designs have discovered the ideas and behavioral tools to effect winning over desired mate. Every single male fancies the idea of relationship with a beautiful female. Sometimes the men folk do not exactly know “What Women want in a Man?”.

Sociologists, psychologists and experts in behavioral science have come to rescue of uninformed men. A few tips can work in favor of men in such a pursuit.


All women inherently want decent guys to follow them. Few exceptions, notwithstanding, women always seem to enjoy the company of decent persons. The personality statement of a suitor makes huge first good impression on his sweetheart. The list of decent demeanors does not start with politeness or chivalry alone. These noble traits must be the grain of suitor’s persona. It is for certain that a beautiful woman would gravitate towards dignified individuals.


The emphasis on decency should not result in too formal behavior. A certain tinge of ease and affability, makes the woman feel composed. An air of casualness can be created in mutual talk. The woman must be made to feel comfortable and secure in company of the man. The air of informality brings about bonding at psychological level.

Chat Protocol

Generalized idea about women is that they enjoy talking. A man intending to attract a beautiful woman has to first decide on, the conversational pattern, which he should adopt. If he finds that the woman enjoys in taking control of the conversation, he should simply allow it. Additionally he has to find out, what subjects, she is generally interested in. The talk can be on any of her favorite topic, like, movies, sports, fashion, social events, academics, general knowledge or any imaginable subject. Ability to listen is a great tool for men to win over a beautiful woman. A man must always pick up a conversation with her by appreciating her beauty, charm, look and personality. Intelligent use of the words must be ensured, to make the woman feel comfortable and confident.


A man making overtures to a beautiful woman, must gather enough tools to accentuate the positive side of his personality. Use of the prevailing trends in apparel, accessories would be of great help. The fashion trends cater to needs of all sections of society. Affluent persons have their own set of fashion perceptions. Street fashions are largely practiced by lower sections of the populace. The golden mean, obviously lies in between. Such fashions can keep the average suitor in good stead. Projection of a modern persona, can be made with a clever articulation of fashions.


A man in true spirits, must make enough overtures to his dream girl, to emphasize the obvious. His lifestyle has to have all elements of fun and adventure. He must convince her that she can be in absolute comfort in his company. Women love the idea of outings. Ability to organize thematic outings in hilly resorts, serene environs or wildlife safaris will be truly appreciated by the darling. The ultimate goal of winning over damsel, would be reachable, when the girl feels assured that such an eventful life can become a reality in the company of the suitor.

Compliments and Gifts

A woman feels contented, when they are offered compliments in the form of greetings. Presenting her some unique gift can win her heart. Nothing should be left to chance. An occasion to celebrate must be invented by the man. Precious gift of an ornament or a diamond can surely tilt the balance in favor of the man.

Finally, there is certainly is a long list of Don’ts for dating enthusiasts. It is advisable for men to avoid unwelcome situations. Else all above positive tips will result in a big naught. The big no list would include

  • Lack of eye contact
  • Show of explicit erotic intent
  • Bad hygiene
  • Binge drinking
  • Loose talk

Studies indicate that women have eventually stayed away from very influential men because of repelling demeanors.