Taurus Love Horoscope and Relationship Compatibility

For a long time, human beings have believed that horoscope or astrological diagram brings a great impact to somebody’s character, luck, love, and even charm. This traditional knowledge survives through the ages and lingers until now. There are various models of horoscope which are adopted by cultural societies around the world. In its development, zodiac has become a part of popular culture. It is suggested that we can analyze one’s personality through their zodiac. Fortune teller specialized in reading zodiac signs also offer an ability to predict love life, financial, health, lucky number, and even lucky fragrance. No wonder that then zodiac prediction becomes one of most popular sites on the internet. If you happen to be a Taurus who loves or merely curious on how your zodiac says about your Taurus love compatibility, check the rest of this article.

Taurus Personality

Taking shape of a bull, Taurus is the second sign of zodiacs. You can categorize yourself as Taurus if you are born on 21 April – 21 May. Generally, there are several traits linked to this zodiac, some of them are patient, loyal, practical, and tolerate. It represents a strong willingness and certainty. However, just like how it symbolizes a bull with two horns, Taurus tends to be materialistic and stubborn. A person born within this zodiac is blessed with an ability to create something great from small things, such as artworks, gardening, and cooking. Moreover, Taurus is renowned with its leadership skill. Supported by high sportive spirit, they also have great stamina and health.

As for career option, being a banker, artist, accountant, or musician will suit them best. For Taurus compatibility as a friend, they will be a loyal and fun person you can spend your time with. You can always rely on and trust a Taurus when you need a shoulder to cry on. And not to mention that they never forget your birthday. In contrast, as they are highly persistent and proud, at some point you might find it difficult to get an apology from a Taurus. However, no matter how bad the situation is, they will find a way to keep the friendship.

Taurus Love Horoscope

Taurus love horoscope always attracts people’s interests. Basically, a Taurus prefers a quiet yet passionate love life. They will love to spend most of times with their loved ones accompanied by sweet and soft song in a dim light. A Taurus is willing to manage any way to please their partner. What makes them better; they tend to be frank about their feelings. When they fall in love, they take the initiative to move first. Before learning Taurus love compatibility, you should know the difference between Taurus boy and Taurus girl.

As a girlfriend, Taurus compatibility is good. Taurus girl can be said as complex one. She knows exactly what she wants, how she gets it, and can be very difficult to tantalize. She embraces romanticism even to small details, such as warm hug and delicious food at the restaurant. As loyal and understanding person, they hope to receive the same from their lover. They want a caring and devoted person with whom they can share their sorrow and happiness. As long as her lover pays good attention and appreciates her existence, a Taurus girl will be head-over-heels to the partner and is willing to give anything.

On the other hand, Taurus compatibility as a boyfriend is almost the same. A Taurus boy will care about their physical appearance on their dates. This type owns a good sense of fashion and latest trend. This is caused by their desire to be surrounded by the best of anything, including in terms of romance. They do not like girl who wastes their time for nothing. Moreover, a Taurus will sincerely appreciate what his partner does for him. Owning high willingness to move forward, a Taurus boy is protective once they fall for one girl. Though they might be a little bit slow in terms of relationship progress, they will be worth the time.

Matching Zodiac Sign for Taurus

Next, we will share brief explanation on Taurus love horoscope with other 11 zodiacs. First couple is Taurus and Taurus. Basically there will be no problem in their relationship. However, it seems that they lack of passion being together that makes their relationship will seem rather dull. Second, Taurus and Gemini cannot be counted as good combination. It is caused by Gemini’s failure to respect stability as well as lack of passion. Taurus also cannot keep up with Gemini’s spontaneity that will eventually cause the Taurus desperate from time to time. Third, Taurus and Cancer will be a great couple as they complete each other.

The Cancer offers comfort and protection, while the Taurus will accept loyalty and love in returns. Fourth, Taurus and Leo is not a good combination. Taurus compatibility with Leo will only end up in sorrow as the Leo always demands freedom that the Taurus cannot give. Fifth, Taurus and Virgo will make a good couple as both of them are hard workers and highly practical. Problem will arise when they make a family as they do not have same affinity. Sixth, a couple of Taurus and Libra will need a compromise to make the relationship works because they often cannot agree on one thing and another.

Then, seventh Taurus love compatibility is Taurus and Scorpio who will definitely make the best relationship. They share the same passion and attraction. The only problem arises from the fact that Taurus is stubborn and Scorpio gets jealous easily. Eighth, Taurus and Sagittarius is not good because it will hurt each other. Ninth, Taurus and Capricorn can be a good one since both have same interest in materialistic things, desire, and conformity. Tenth, Taurus and Aquarius is never destined to be one as they are born with perfectly different concept of life. Eleventh, combination Taurus and Pisces can work well. Last, Taurus and Aries will not make a loyal relationship because Taurus is kind of possessive while Aries loves freedom.

Lucky Number and Colours for Taurus personality

Taurus personalities loves the number 1 and 9. These 2 numbers are very lucky for them. In a week Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays are the lucky days for Taurus. About Colors White and Green do good for them. Gemstones like Diamond, Coral or Emerald can be used by Taurus personalities for good health and happiness.